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Mnangagwa should come clean on name-dropping


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WHILE it is common knowledge that criminals tend to name-drop each time they are cornered with the hope of evading arrest, the frequency at which President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s family name has been thrown in some of the high-profile scandals that have rocked his administration is cause for concern.

True, the criminals could just be name-dropping to scare off the investigators and court officials. We believe the President should come out clean and clear his name. Keeping quiet over such serious matters only makes him an accomplice.

The First Family, just like its predecessor, has been named on several occasions for being part to criminal scandals.

If it is just name-dropping of the First Family by criminal elements, then Mnangagwa should be a worried lot.

Mnangagwa should come clean and tell the nation what is happening than leave their names constantly dragged into the mud, lest the public concludes that “there is fire behind the smoke”.

Mnangagwa’s family is the country’s First Family and it is expected to live honourably.

What lessons can the country draw from their lives if their names are always associated with criminal activities?

The family has been linked with criminals linked to Covid-gate, machete wars, land invasions and others far too many to mention, but Mnangagwa has chosen to reman mum
Time and again, heads of State and government have fallen from grace following such scandals, where their names are dropped and they don’t act.

Closer to home in South Africa, former President Jacob Zuma was accused of not cracking the whip on the scandal-labelled Gupta brothers, which ultimately led to accusations that he was captured.

He did not last long as South African President.

In Angola, former President José Eduardo Dos Santos’ daughter Isabel was accused of grabbing lucrative State deals involving land, oil, diamonds and telecoms when her father was leader of the resource-rich southern African country.

Now the State is going after her, taking back all she allegedly amassed illegally.

As long as Mnangagwa keeps quiet every time his name is dropped by suspected criminals to evade the long arm of the law, it creates an impression that he is an accomplice.

If, indeed, he is clean then he should cause the arrest of those people who drop his name in their criminal activities. A true leader cannot smile when his name is being soiled by criminals.

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