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Mapanzure on Ndianifuna visuals


UNITED KINGDOM-BASED contemporary musician Garry Mapanzure, who has been making waves musically on foreign soil, is set to release visuals of his song Ndianifuna (Certificate of Excellence).


Ndianifuna is a Venda word which means “I love you”.

Mapanzure told NewsDay Life & Style that the main theme of the song was centred on love and stable relationships.

“What inspired the song is love. Let love lead in the season. Between relationships and engagement you give your lover a certificate of excellence to guarantee them that they could be the one. Kuti wapasa test ndiwe bhebhi randicharoora,” he said.

The Zimbabwean crooner, who is riding high on the success of his offerings Sushi Season EP and Wapunza, said he was working on his first album.

“I am working on my first album. At the moment, I gave people an eight-song EP called Sushi Season, which did very well. Go listen to it with love,” he said.

“It’s way more fun if you tell your fans about an album release slightly close to the date, but definitely I am giving them another Sushi Season. Gave them Sushi Season the first EP this year, so there is definitely a second and counting.”

Mapanzure said working in a different continent due to his music had been a blessing, adding that apart from this, he also got a chance to draw closer to his United Kingdom fans.
He said there are a couple of collaborations in his bag, but enjoys making it a surprise to his fans.

However, from the success his music has had over the past years, COVID-19 stood as the major stumbling block of his career.

“On the profitable side, the music industry took a jab as all live performances had to be cancelled because of the pandemic, but the money still comes through. COVID-19 did not affect the music, but it affected the plans,” he said.

“Thanks to God and my team, I managed to release a couple of projects, but it was impossible to have shows or any live engagement with the fans apart from social media.”
Mapanzure said his few regrets were overshadowed by his best moments.

“I think I can count a few regrets because I see them as lessons. My best moments, however, are rather a lot; the awards, the love from the fans when you go to perform, that who is this artiste, that moment you always get when someone hears your music for the first time and they love it,” he said.

“My mom and family greatly support me. (I love) travelling the world because of my music, it’s just been a successful journey. So the success from my first song to now has been the best moment.”

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