Mahendere to launch virtual album


CELEBRATED gospel musician Michael Mahendere (pictured) is set to launch his new album The Secret Place of Worship or The Spow virtually this Sunday.

Mahendere told NewsDay Life & Style that the project sought to emphasise the importance of cultivating a personal relationship with God.

“The Secret Place of Worship, or The Spow in short, is a unique project different from the other projects that I have done and a direct worship. This project seeks to focus more on the individual relationship between God Almighty and us His creation. Our inspiration is from Psalm 91 verse 1 and Deuteronomy 29:29.

“The album carries a message of hope, victory and more importantly, it carries an environment conducive for no-holds-barred interactions with God Almighty. Anyone who enjoys fellowship with the divine will enjoy The Spow,” he said.

Famed for his song Makanaka Jesu, Mahendere said the album carried eight songs which are centred on a personal relationship with God.

He said each song has a different mandate in facilitating undiluted communication.

There are songs like Ndinobuda Pakaoma, which is a personal declaration to strengthen one’s resolve on the face of adversity.

“A song titled Taura Shoko seeks to remind us of the power given to the body of Christ that lies in the tongue. To make it diversified, we worked with the renowned Chitungwiza Harmony Singers, who give the sound a richer and distinct tone,” he said.

“It’s a dimension of worship that is more centred on the personal relationship between God and us, His creation. So this project will bring a new environment of worship on a personal level taking the focus away from the prevailing environment back to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. The Spow will be out on October 4, 2020 @ 2000hrs on all digital platforms.”
Mahendere said every track was special and unique and carried a message for a different season and situation.

“Having said that, our family and those who follow our brand of music can look forward to a video of the song Ndinobuda Pakaoma coming out on October 5 on our YouTube channel. The Spow is in a different league from the other projects we have done before,” he said.

“This one is more focused on the moments of communion with God Almighty.”

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