I’m still single: Sha Sha



SOUTH AFRICA-BASED Zimbabwean Amapiano star, Sha Sha (pictured) has revealed that while she believes in love as evident in her compositions, she is, however, still single even though there are many who continue to pester her for a date.

The award-winning songstress made the remarks in a wide-ranging interview with NewsDay Life & Style on the sidelines of her meet-and-greet event on Friday at Lush Restaurant in Newlands, Harare.

“Well, I am single, very single, that’s all I can say about it. Of cause I sing about love, I believe in it (love), trust me,” she said.

Sha Sha said she had been frequently changing her mobile numbers, which she said had helped her quite a lot to be safe from predators.

“Of course you get direct messages from social media platforms, all those things, but you just move on with life. Going through life, you obviously get those asking you out and all that, it’s just part of life,” she said.

While there has been several allegations of music and arts promoters using their influence to ask for sexual favours from the female artistes, Sha Sha said she was yet to encounter such a problem.

“I have heard about those stories, but for me, I have been very lucky as I have a team, and that team has always been like a shield to me. It’s always them before myself, so whatever unnecessary things that are said to happen to some, I have never experienced those incidences,” she said.

Born Charmaine Shamiso Mpambiro, Sha Sha’s musical journey has not been that rosy, as she had to fight hard to be where she is, choosing to follow her wishes over her parents, who wanted her to be a nurse.

“My parents are now proud of me. My mom always calls me randomly saying ‘I love you, I am so proud of you my daughter’,” she said.

As a way of confirming the growth of her career, Sha Sha recently wrote her own piece of history when she became the first Zimbabwean artiste to win the prestigious BET 2020 award under the Viewer’s Choice: Best New International Act category.

The songstress said winning the gong had opened a lot of doors for her, adding that the support from the fans had also been amazing.

“Winning the BET 2020 award for Viewers’ Choice: Best New International Act has brought a lot of opportunities in my career. I am so grateful, things started to change impressively and in a good way, I won’t lie, very refreshing” she said.

“I started getting opportunities abroad like in Nigeria and the United States, literally everywhere. These are the things I prayed for, these are things I wanted to see happening in my life and here they are coming on a silver platter.”

Having crossed the Limpopo River in search of fortune, Sha Sha said she would now be coming back in Zimbabwe frequently to promote her brand and works home.

“I want to make it a priority coming back home regularly as I feel like I was not that much accessible back home. I feel like I need to come back home more often, either for performing or meeting with the fans, Lord knows what it is, but I just need to come back home often,” she said.

From her interactions with the fans via different social media platforms, Sha Sha said they were requesting for more music.

“The fans are like, ‘can we have more music’ and definitely I am promising them more music as there is a lot to offer in my music bag. Apart from my previous collaborations, fans should look out for more international and local collaborations that are on the way,” she said.

Off the stage, Sha Sha said she was just a girl next door.

“In South Africa, there is a lot happening for me such that I am always busy, but finally when I am back home (Zimbabwe), I get to breathe and forget about Sha Sha, and become Shamiso, that girl who does house chores,” she said.

“Being away from home and my family I have to at least thank technology there are phones and it has helped me to speak and see them as I can do video calls, but there is always something that you miss. Having to sit down, talk to them and laugh.”

Speaking on the global COVID-19-induced lockdown, Sha Sha said it had enabled her to tap more into spirituality as a Christian, enabling her to record more music.