High Court blocks aspiring Chief Chivesro



The High Court has, with immediate effect, barred aspiring Chief Chivero, one Cornelius Chivesani Chengera, from acting or assuming the duties for the Chivero chieftaincy pending the finalisation of the leadership wrangle among clan members.

The Chivero clan has been without a substantive chief since the death of the then Chief Chivero, born Matewu Chipashu in 2009.

However, sometime in June 2020, Chengera was appointed acting chief, a decision which was challenged by Tendai Chitinhe, who is also eyeing the chieftaincy.

The intervention by Chitinhe came after realising that Chengera was about to be installed as substantive chief and also that his official installation ceremony had been scheduled for July 6 this year.

Chitinhe claimed prior to the installation date, Chengera had invited village heads under Chief Chivero’s jurisdiction for a meeting and instructed each of them to bring US$60 and a goat.

“I thus seek, in the interim, an order interdicting the first respondent (Cornelius Chivesani Chengera) from going ahead with the impending meeting referred to above with the village heads under chief Chivero’s territory and in the final, that he be ordered not to act or present himself as Chief Chivero until case HC3413/20 is finalised,” Chitinhe submitted in his founding affidavit.

On September 6, 2020, High Court judge Justice Siyabona Musithu deliberated the court application and ruled in Chitinhe’s favour.

“The first respondent be and is hereby barred or stopped from acting or assuming the duties for Chivero chieftainship pending the finalisation of HC3413/20. The first respondent pays the costs of this application,” the judge