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Former Franco Slomo’s guitarist spreads wings


FORMER Francis “Franco Slomo” Dhaka’s bass guitarist Promise Wezulu (pictured) has spread his wings to music production through setting up a recording studio, Wezulu Studios in Chegutu with the help of his elder brother Apton who is also a musician.


In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style yesterday, Promise said his desire was to help up-and-coming artistes in the mining town of Chegutu and surrounding areas fulfil their desire to record music.

“There is a lot of talent here in Chegutu and surrounding areas that need to be nurtured, but many of these up-and-coming artistes have been failing to record their music as a result of lack of studios. So together with my brother Apton we have decided to open this Wezulu Studios to enable them fulfil their dreams,” he said.

“We understand that these artistes will be experiencing difficulties to even raise the money to record their music. We have that in mind as we are not there for the love of money, but to help the growth of the music industry.”

Promise said he was thankful to his parents who supported their dream by availing the rooms that they turned into the studio.

“I am happy that for us to be able to set up this studio which with time we intend to develop into state-of-the-art, we had parental blessings. Our parents allowed us to pursue our passion, they really support our careers even financially,” he said.

“Our wish is to further develop this studio into a state-of-the-art facility that will be equipped with best appliances such as the Apple Logic recording software. We are optimistic that one day we will be able to say yes, this is our dream studio now as we reflect backwards to where we started.”

While the Wezulu brothers have joined hands in setting up the studio, they, however, lead different bands. Promise is in charge of The Extra Vibe band, while the latter headlines for Orchestra Mutinhimira.

Promise, a multi-talented instrumentalist, who apart from strumming the guitar can also play drums and keyboards, has two albums under his belt. His debut album is a six-track production he self-produced titled Ndezvemoyo and an eight-track album Mafufu Segonzo he co-produced with Mr Holly.

On the other hand, Apton has a single album titled Kure Kwegava that was produced by his younger brother at their studio.

“My compositions are inspired by societal issues that shape our ubuntu/hunhu and that is why my albums are laden with social commentary messages,” said Promise.

“I am grateful for the experience that I have gained having worked under other artistes. I have worked with Franco Slomo as his bass guitarist and I am happy with the experience that I amassed during those days.”

Promise said his love and passion for music dates back to his early childhood and later grew at Hartley 2 Primary School in Chegutu where he played marimba and drums.

“There are a number of people who assisted in shaping my career to be the artiste I am today, who include Shame Phiri Masase who worked with Sulumani Chimbetu and our neighbour Jabulani who taught me the real guitar keys,” he said.

“I am also grateful to the likes of Laston “Save” Sadya and John Mtuda for their support towards my career and the production of my albums.

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