Econet’s WiFi hotspot finder spreads into Africa



ZIMBABWE’S biggest mobile network provider, Econet, has launched a network of #SasaiWiFiFinder hotspots in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Rwanda aimed at providing locals with affordable internet access.

#SasaiWiFinder, launched in Zimbabwe in August, is a feature that allows users to identify hotspots at which they can access affordable data.

The feature was launched through Econet subsidiaries, Liquid Telecom Group (LTG), a communications solutions provider across 13 countries in Africa and Cassava Fintech International (CFI), a pan-African business using an integrated model to drive social and financial inclusion across the continent.

“We consider #SasaiWifiFinder to be a vital piece in the social and financial digital inclusion agenda that we are passionately driving across Africa,” Darlington Mandivenga, the chief executive officer of the CFI Group said in a statement released yesterday.

“It is part of our broader strategy to provide solutions that address everyday problems for everyday people. In this case, we are offering more affordable internet access to African communities, including those previously excluded.”

The feature is set to be launched in phases across the continent to unlock the ‘African Missing Network’ in order to accelerate sustainable economic development through digital inclusion for all Africans.

Nic Rudnick, LTG chief executive officer said: “We firmly believe that every African has the right to high-speed connectivity, and with #SasaiWiFiFinder hot spots, we are making this vision a reality.

“This initiative is in line with our parent company Econet’s vision of an inclusive, connected future that leaves no African behind.

“The connectivity network that we have created with these hotspots will ensure ubiquitous access for businesses and consumers at extremely affordable rates. This is yet another milestone achieved in building Africa’s digital future one individual and business at a time.”

According to Econet, users will get access to free internet bundles once they connect to #SasaiWiFiFinder hotspots and download the Sasai Super app to purchase internet bundles.

The app all allows access to social media services, on-demand services, digital interactive media services and digital marketplace, including payment methods in a single, easy-to-use mobile application.