‘Constitutional amendments aren’t the answer’



DANIEL Molokela, the chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology, has urged citizens to lobby legislators to ensure passage of laws instead of wasting time on constitutional amendments.

He made the remarks in Mutare on Tuesday during a public hearing on the Manpower Planning and Development Bill.

He said citizens should push for the re-alignment of the laws for effective governance.

“In 2013, we adopted a new constitutional order. All laws in Parliament are supposed to be aligned with the new Constitution of the country. In this regard, we are talking about the Manpower Planning and Development Act,” he said

“It is not enough to push for the amendment of Bills which are passed and not aligned,” he said.

“The Act decides in terms of the skills resources and database of the country, we want to make sure that our education is relevant to our economy and that it is relevant to the development of our country. We have a lot of youths who are unemployed, so these are the things which we seek to address,” he said.

“Colleges were different from universities, so now, they are going to be aligned, they are now going to be shifted from Public Service Commission, there is going to be a tertiary education services body which is going to administer institutions for higher learning, this will address the issue of brain drain,” he said

“We are losing most of our students to colleges that are outside the country because of the poor conditions in our colleges, however, the Manpower Planning and Development Bill will address the matter,” he said.