Bindura mayor, deputy fight over ‘stolen stands’

BINDURA mayor Carlos Tokyo (40) was on Monday allegedly physically assaulted by his deputy Norbert Dokotera (39) who accused him of leaking information about stolen stands.


The matter came to light yesterday when Dokotera appeared before magistrate Samantha Dlamini facing assault charges.

The State led by Vincent Marunya alleged that on October 19, Tokyo arrived at Chipadze suburb and disembarked from his vehicle to greet his fellow MDC Alliance party members Jacob Gwature, Smile Matola and Jonnah Kapasi.

Dokotera, who was in his car, watched the mayor from a distance before charging towards Tokyo, accusing him of falsely claiming that the latter had stolen some residential stands.

He allegedly assaulted Tokyo with open hands, but was later refrained by fellow party members.

Tokyo rushed to the police station where he filed an assault report, leading to the arrest of Dokotera.

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