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Artists must value fans’ safety more than monetary gains



WE note with concern media reports that artistes, particularly musicians have continued to hold live shows in contravention of COVID-19 regulations. While we appreciate their predicament and the fact that physical audiences are their paymasters, we nonetheless raise alarm at the increased number of such shows as they have the potential to spread COVID-19
Despite a ban on gatherings of more than 100 people imposed by government to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, artistes are staging live shows every weekend which are attracting huge crowds while the police watch in silence.

We don’t think this defiance is an act of brazen bravery by the artistes. If it was, the police should have intervened, but no, there is a deafening silence on the part of the law enforcement agents, which impels even the most unsuspecting to smell a rat.

Yes, we smell a reeking rat whose odour can only escape those that are profiting from the criminal activity, which is not only putting the lives of fans and artistes in jeopardy by exposing them to the deadly virus but in breach of the government ban, Health and Child Care ministry and World Health Organisation guidelines.

We would like to remind the police and the artistes involved that we are still steeped in the coronavirus pandemic like the rest of the world, thus all protective measures should be observed without fail.

Failure to adhere to them to the letter will have consequences too ghastly to contemplate. We are of the view that no one wants this for our country whose health delivery system is in the intensive care unit.

We are of the view that the whole country should be on high alert since our cases have not drastically gone down. That we are still recording COVID-19 deaths should be enough evidence that the pandemic is still upon us.

Artistes are role models who should guide the nation out of this pandemic, surprisingly they seem to have been clouded by the love for money to the extent of neglecting this very crucial role.

On the other hand, police should ensure laws and regulations are adhered to. The effects of the illegal shows may not be visible now but in no time we will feel the pinch.
Honestly, the nation can’t watch in silence while a few artistes expose us to such risk.

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