Zimbabwe to take part in global media monitoring


By Kudzai Muchenjekwa/Chido Manayiti

ZIMBABWE will today take part in the Global Media Monitoring Project which seeks to track change in media gender equality indicators as part of efforts to end all forms of discrimination against women and girls.

The Global Media Monitoring Project is the largest advocacy initiative aimed at changing the perception of women in the media. Participants are drawn from grassroot community organisations, universities, research institutions and the media.

Gender and Media Connect (GMC), a local civil society organisation, would be the lead organisation carrying out the monitoring on selected media outlets ranging from broadcast, print and online.

GMC national director Abigail Gamanya yesterday said the organisation was ready to implement the project whose results would be used for educational purposes and public awareness campaigns.

“We are ready for the monitoring process and after the monitoring process, the research findings will be used for education, policy advocacy, public awareness, gender equality/women’s rights activism, media and communication policy development, among other applications,” Gamanya said.