Zanu PF moves to avoid shambolic DCCs



Zanu PF yesterday deployed politburo members to Marondera and Mutoko districts to cool down tempers and avoid chaos in the looming district co-ordinating committee (DDC) elections.
The deployment of politburo members was meant to bring sanity to the two districts after party leaders tried to impose candidates, but were fiercely resisted.

In Marondera district, some party leaders allocated influential DCC positions to Marondera East constituency resulting in chaos last weekend, while in Mutoko some Zanu PF political heavyweights imposed candidates of their choice against the will of the people.

Addressing an inter-district meeting in Marondera yesterday, politburo member Edna Madzongwe said there was no room for dictatorship during the DCCs.

“We were at politburo yesterday and President (Emmerson) Mnangagwa is against dictatorship during this whole DCC exercise. He is rather in support of a democratic system that will see party members choosing candidates of their own choice. I was sent here by the national commissar (Victor Matemadanda) to make things right through ensuring that everything is done according to the dictates of the party,” she said.

A number of party districts in the country are facing similar challenges after party leaders tried to impose candidates of their choice.

Zanu PF is set to conduct the DCC elections soon under a secret ballot with party members expected to choose a total of 23 leaders per district.