Tottenham – Newcastle 1:1 – Equalizer From the Spot in 97th Minute

Bad week for all Tottenham fans and majority of bettors who like to chase good soccer betting odds. Even though Tottenham was a clear favourite to win the game, they couldn’t capitalize in the end. Soccer betting odds were on their side but the team lead by Mourinho just couldn’t find that second goal to secure the victory.

Tottenham Hotspur F.C. dropped the win and three points against Newcastle in the 97th minute. The match ended with the final result 1:1 after Callum Wilson scored a penalty kick in the already mentioned 97th minute.

The ball hit Eric Dier in the hand during an aerial duel against Andy Carroll, and referee Peter Bankes pointed to the white dot after reviewing the footage. Wilson scored from the spot which was also the only shot on target in the entire match for Newcastle.

It should be noted that Newcastle had three shots on target this season and manage to score all three of them.
After the match, Tottenham goalkeeper coach Nuno Santos received a red card for protesting the late penalty decision.

Dominating Match & Strange Substitution
The team from London was much better throughout the match, taking the lead in the 25th minute with a goal scored by Lucas Moura after Harry Kane assist. The home team had 23 shots in total and 12 shots on target. On the other side, Newcastle did not have a single shot on target.

In addition, the decision of Jose Mourinho, who replaced Heung-Min Son at the beginning of the second half, by far the best player of Tottenham until then, was kind of strange and surprising. He was replaced by Steven Bergwijn for unknown reasons.

Mourinho’s Comment on the penalty
Surprisingly, due to the possible fines, Mourinho did not want to comment on the penalty kick.
“I think about my team performance. Very good. The first half, amazing. Should be three-, four-nil easy but Darlow was fantastic. We hit the post and they managed to survive. In the second half, we kept control and kept them from the box.”

“I don’t want to speak about it. If I want to give some money away, I give to charities. I don’t want to give to the FA,” said Mourinho, commenting on the penalty in his own style.

In the next round, Newcastle will meet Burnley, while Tottenham will play against the former Mourinho’s club Manchester United. Make sure to check soccer bets odds before placing any bets on those games.

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