Leopard terrorises Vic Falls residents

A FEMALE leopard, roaming with a cub, has terrorised residents of Victoria Falls’ low-density areas.The agile cat has reportedly consumed five dogs in the area and also wiped out a whole pen of ducks at one home.

BY Richard Muponde

The attacks have caused panic among residents who have now stopped walking with their dogs which they now keep caged as well as other small pets and livestock.Residents now fear the leopard could turn to human beings.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority spokesperson Tinashe Farawo could not confirm the incident.

“I have seen your inquiry, I will attend to it in the evening. At the moment, I am in the bhundu (forest),” Farawo said.

However, two concerned residents, Adrian Read and Roger Parry had to issue a warning on social media platforms to other residents.

“Residents living in the Wood Road and Courtney Selous area need to be aware. A leopard killed Darryl Tirran’s dog in his garden at 196 Courtney Selous in the early hours of this morning. A large female leopard and her cub have been active in that area for a few days according to the tracks we found,” they wrote.

“The dog was grabbed close to Darryl, suggesting it is not scared of people. It also killed his ducks. People in that area need to be aware and keep their dogs locked inside at night, as no doubt it will be back,” they warned.

Victoria Falls residents always live in fear of wild animals which stray from the game parks.Several people have lost their lives after being trampled by elephants in the resort town.
Victoria Falls sits in-between two game parks, Chamabondo to the east and Victoria Falls to the west.

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