Indosakusa unveils junior group


AWARD-WINNING Isichatamiya gospel group Indosakusa — The Morning Star on Saturday unveiled its seven-member junior group, Indosakusa Junior Stars, to back up the group due to demand as the outfit has penetrated the international market.

Group leader Oscar Siziba told NewsDay Life & Style that he believed it was God’s time to launch the group.

“As I introduce to you Indosakusa Junior Stars, I would like to tell you that for the past 19 years we have been working and establishing many up-and-coming imbube groups who call themselves by different names of their own choice,” he

“However, I am very happy to announce that 2020 marks a change in that lndosakusa the Morning Star seniors have established a junior group which will carry our original name and vision. This establishment has been influenced by God himself and our followers across the globe.”

Siziba said the senior group had in the past years successfully penetrated international platforms which came with a growing demand for tours and shows outside Zimbabwe, and the formation of the junior group serves to close that gap.

“The Junior Stars have come in to close that gap and continue local post presence. Forming Juniors will also help when another member from the seniors decides to leave the group, we just take a junior and fill the gap. We won’t be stressed by having to train a new person,” he said.

“To our Junior Stars, I would like to say you have started a journey. However, it won’t be without challenges. In this industry, you will have to be courageous, strong, patient and also work with determination to be successful like us.”

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