Faith Candy releases music video



VERSATILE artiste Faith “Faith Candy” Naphazi (pictured) has released a music video for the single, Shanda, which encourages people to work hard to realise their life goals.

Faith Candy told NewsDay Life & Style that feedback from people who listened to the song when it was launched on a local radio station was heart-warming.

“The feedback from those who listened to the track is very encouraging. Many of them are saying the song came at the right time after they had lost their sources of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The opportunity to go back to work was given by government, so people need to work hard for the betterment of their lives,” she said.

Faith Candy said the release of her first single since she launched her career in 2013 did not mean that she parted ways with Australia-based musician and psychiatrist Mabasa “General Bazuka” Ziyambi whom she started working with in 2015.

“Some fans have asked if I parted ways with General Bazuka and I made it very clear that he is based in Australia and has his own side of music, so do I. So we agreed that we can do separate recordings in line with our respective genres whenever each one of us feels like doing so. When it comes to traditional Afro-jazz, we sing together,” she said.

Bazuka started off as Faith Candy’s manager before they decided to sing together.

“Working with him has always been fun. He has his own approach to music which is different from mine. He is open to suggestions and we always create a fun working atmosphere when recording music together,” she said.

The songbird recorded two albums Runako Rwangu and Ndinomuda before joining hands with General Bazuka. They then recorded three albums Evil Forest, Ndisiyei Zvangu and Karingezuva together.