Byo rapper Muse drops video



AWARD-WINNING Bulawayo-born rapper, Peter “Muse” Chester (pictured) has released a saucy video for his latest single, I Want It, which has attracted a huge online following.

The video is Muse’s latest project which features model Roxie, who is the main act and seems to have helped the video break the internet.

“The whole concept of this song centres on online courtship. We see the story of a guy and girl who have been flirting online for a while. Then one day, the lady decides that the flirtation has reached its max and decides to pay the man she has been talking to a visit,” Muse told NewsDay Life & Style.

He said the girl later sent the guy a message telling him that she would like them to meet.

“Like any mature single adult, she wants to quench the thirst that’s been building up as she’s been flirting with this man,” Muse said.

He said he released the video because in this era, visuals are essential.

“I decided to release both the audio and visuals on the same day because I feel that nowadays, music has become so visual. Listeners today want to see the artiste and secondly see the story in motion as the song plays,” he said.

Muse has done a number of collaborations, including with Bulawayo’s award-winning rappers Cal-Vin and Asaph.