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Special Class Season 3 to premiere today



THE much-awaited local sitcom, Special Class Season 3, makes a return after Simuka Comedy partnered Bhaiskopo and Stan Joni Films on the latest production set to premiere today.
The premiere will be streamed online on Simuka Comedy International YouTube channel at 10am.

The comedy is centred on the nostalgia of high school experiences as one recalls teenage love letters, civvies days and computer lessons at school, among other themes.

Created and produced by veteran comedian Doc Vickela, the script was written by Lisa Gutu and Kadem the Comic and co-directed by Gutu while Stan Joni directed the production.

Doc Vickela, who is also the executive producer, told NewsDay Life & Style that the production would be exclusively aired on their YouTube channel.

“This Special Class Season 3 that will premiere on Tuesday (today) is something to look forward to. I urge fans to subscribe to our channel for some good laughs,” he said.

“For business sense in this environment, we have decided to make Special Class Season 3 exclusively to our YouTube channel. We will also look to other distribution channels for as long they bring some returns to work done.”

On Special Class Season 3, the faces of Saru (Melinda Shumba) and Rudo (Maya Banks) will be missing due to work and personal commitments respectively, while Chati Butao and Gutu bounce back having missed Special Class Season 2.

“Rudo was not available due to work commitments, while Saru was not available due to personal reasons that she explained to us and we understood, but we hope to have them in season 4,” Doc Vickela said.

“For this Special Class Season 3, we have brought on board the experience of Stan Joni Films as a production partner and on top of that we have new characters namely Erin Sticklen who plays Mrs Smith, Blessing Nyamukapa as Mrs Mutema an external examiner Memory Kudzai Kazuru, as JC Gumbodete, Monalisa Chivandire as Chido Garapo, Rudo’s twin sister.”

Joni said they had addressed the people’s concerns in the production, adding that it was funnier than before with new story twits and great performance from all actors involved such that people will laugh it out.

“As the director of the show I feel like we did our best in trying to portray the characters in the best funny way possible. Technically we have heard people’s concerns, we tried our best to get a decent looking picture and sound, which I think will keep people watching. I know we can always do better, we did our best on that front,” he said.

“We have new characters. We did our best not to let it show they are new as they did fit in just fine. Having worked with veterans like Chati Butao and Blessing Chimhowa it was also a great privilege to explore more into the father-son duo lifestyle out of school, how they relate to each other. Something to look out for is the return of Lisa Gutu with her character Petronella which has a new twist in later episodes.”

The producers of this low-budget production seem to have struck the right chord, blending humorous stand-up comedians and talented actors that have won the hearts of many as reflected by the activity on their social media platforms.

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