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Prioritise fight against corruption, govt urged


TRANSPARENCY International-Zimbabwe (TI-Z) has urged the government to prioritise fighting corruption if the country is to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs) and succeed in implementing its vision 2030 of an upper middle-income economy.


The call was made in TI-Z’s latest paper titled The Success of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy Requires a Co-ordinated Approach in the Fight against Corruption.

“One of the reasons why Zimbabwe’s anti-corruption efforts have always been fragmented is the lack of co-ordination among the various anti-corruption stakeholders, which have resulted in anti-corruption agents blaming each other for failing to achieve anti-corruption goals,” TI-Z said.

“The fight against corruption must, therefore, remain a priority for the government of Zimbabwe if the country is going to achieve SDGs.”

Zimbabwe has a National Anti-Corruption Strategy (NACS) (2020-2024) through which it co-ordinates national anti-corruption actions.

NACS aims to make citizens aware of corruption, enhance structures for deterrence, detection, adherence, and enforcement through improved integrity management obligations and mechanisms across sectors, increase public demand for transparency and accountability from government offices, ensure the protection of whistleblowers and victims of corruption, recovery of assets and proceeds from corruption and compensation for damages inflicted on the State and corruption victims, and to increase the level of political parties’ transparency, and accountability.

TI-Z said several State actors that play a role in the fight against corruption in Zimbabwe such as the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, National Prosecution Authority of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Republic Police, Auditor-General and Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe should be strengthened in their different roles in the fight against corruption.

TI-Z said the effects of corruption in Zimbabwe had manifested through failed public service delivery, widening unequal distribution of income and wealth and extreme poverty.

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