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New movie to hit the screen



FILM director Beautie Masvaure Alt yesterday said her latest production themed on hope and resilience was set to hit the streets soon.

Masvaure Alt said they were just left with a few logistics before the film, Shaina, was released. The film was written by renowned scriptwriter Wanisai Chingwendere.

The film director told NewsDay Life & Style that the film was created in South Africa and Zimbabwe and they were looking forward to distributing it across sub-Saharan Africa.

“Shaina is a story of hope and resilience. The film was jointly produced between South Africa and Zimbabwe and shooting occurred in both South Africa and Zimbabwe. We worked closely with the Zimbabwe ministries of Information, Primary and Secondary Education and Health and Child Care in order to co-ordinate filming logistics, writing workshops, and content review sessions throughout the production process,” she said.

“The story was created by a prominent Zimbabwean scriptwriter.”

Masvaure Alt, who directed the movie, said although it was based on a Zimbabwean story, it carried messages with a universal appeal.

“We hope to distribute the film to millions across sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. For that reason, we made the decision to film primarily in English, but with Shona and Ndebele phrases included throughout the film,” she said.

“Additionally, there will be Shona and Ndebele versions of the film created and used in schools, clinics, youth groups and beyond.”

Masvaure Alt said although the film told a Zimbabwean story, they chose to record part of it in South Africa because there was a rebate programme.

“The choice for us to film part of the film in South Africa is based on the fact that there is a film rebate programme in South Africa that will help defray some of the production costs,” she said.

“It was great working with different actors and actresses. It didn’t come without challenges because some were first timers and it was difficult to play emotional scenes. There is no denying the immense talent that is in Zimbabwe. The actors are highly professional and really brought such sincerity to their roles.”

She said her main challenge as a director was to do with ensuring authenticity.

“My challenge as the director was to make the movie as authentic as possible, especially the scenes shot in South Africa. I was the only Zim eye, therefore, I had to double check and triple check everything.”

The film features veteran actors and actresses including Leroy Gopal, Jesesi Mungoshi, Charmaine Mujeri and Edmore Sandifolo.

The film also features lead actress Wilmah Munemera (Shine). Munemera is a young Zimbabwean/South African actress and model who possesses many talents and is working to become a success in the television, film, theatre and modelling industries.

Munemera took part in the National Eisteddfod 2016 and acquired certificates for three modelling categories (casual, runway and formal) and was the singing item winner (jazz category). She then entered again in 2017 and acquired certificates in the three modelling categories.

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