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Musician records heartbreak song



UP-AND-COMING Afro-jazz musician Kundaimunashe “Kunkuse” Chikuse (pictured)’s breaking up with the girl of his dreams in 2018 drove him to record a heartbreak song, Solo Asina Mutsai, which was released yesterday.

Kunkuse, who fell in love with the girl in 2014 when he was a first-year student at Great Zimbabwe University and the latter at Harare Polytechnic, told NewsDay Life & Style that he was still bleeding since the two broke up in 2018.

“I am still bleeding. I try to forget, but it’s hard. I never wanted to sing but I found myself with a guitar composing a song. I had given her all my heart,” he said.

Kunkuse said he was looking forward to marrying the girl of his dreams, but she cheated on him and eloped with another man.

“I was disappointed in 2018 when she uploaded a picture of her new lover on her WhatsApp status. She said it was just nothing, but my heart was broken just around my graduation date in October 2018 when I heard that she had eloped,” he said.

Kunkuse said the girl returned to her parents’ house last year in a surprise turn of events and apologised for breaking his heart, but his feelings towards her had changed.

“It then got me to think of the song Solo naMutsai by Jonah Moyo and realised that our relationship had been another version of Romeo and Juliet. That’s when I titled the song Solo Asina Mutsai,” he said.

The artiste said he was working on a video that would be uploaded on YouTube.

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