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Is investing money in Bitcoin still a wise decision?


The unfortunate outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 has traumatized the entire World. Almost every country is infected with the said virus and the same occurrence has affected all the vital sectors of the Nations upon which it relies for its functioning. So many people around the globe have encountered the evil results of this virus. Stock market has not been left untouched by the adversities of this virus. According to the report published in June 2020, it was delineated that the potential investors are not as frequently active in trading as they were before the outbreak of the pandemic COVD-19.

It is very much evident from the manoeuvres of the investors that they are hesitating in regularly investing their money and Trading as they used to do. The main reason behind such action is the fear of losing money because of the adverse market situation. Whereas, the situation with crypto trading is much different from share trading. The cryptocurrency traders are trading still actively. Though some unforeseen price fluctuations have taken place still this sector has not been affected to that extent. Right here in this article, I am going to discuss the topic with you all, as to whether Investing your money in Bitcoin is a wise option or not?

Does mining a Bitcoin guarantees success?

 The most common dilemma being faced by the willing Bitcoin investors these days is the doubt about the success graph of Bitcoin mining. Investors are furious because of the present scenario. I do consider all these questions big myths because the perusal of the latest and old Bitcoin graph indicates that despite falling a few times, Bitcoin has given many profitable results to its investors. By perusing the records and analysed data, it can be construed that Mining Bitcoin is indeed a profitable task if you are willing to do so.

Other than the adversity prevailing due to the pandemic there are certain aspects upon which the profitability with respect to mining a Bitcoin depends completely. These factors are.

  • Computer availability

You all must be well versant with the fact that you need a specialized Computer to mine a bitcoin successfully. However, in the absence of the same, it becomes quite difficult for a miner to get a Bitcoin mined and one has to arrange the same from outside or engage someone specialized in the said activity.

b). Electricity Expenses.

 Bitcoin mining is a time-consuming process and it requires the electricity connection for the commencement of the said activity. It is an inevitable expense that has to borne by the Miner at any cost.

c). Adequate Knowledge regarding mining.

It is simply next to impossible to mine Bitcoin successfully if you do not have enough knowledge as to how to mine a bitcoin successfully.

Once I read it somewhere that if you wish to anticipate the probability out of certain business activity then you must subtract all the expenses that have to be incurred on establishing the said Business from the amount you have envisaged as profit. The above mentioned are the few aspects that directly affect your profit ratio. Firstly, You must properly analyse all the pros and cons and then act accordingly. If you wish to know more you can visit cfd trader


You must have received the blueprint regarding the success rate and the set of factors upon which the profitability relies completely with respect to Mining Bitcoin and investing your sum in Cryptocurrency. I wish you all shall have a great trading time ahead.

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