IPD calls for diaspora vote


THE opposition Ideas Party of Democracy (IPD) joined growing calls for amendment of the Electoral Act to allow for diaspora vote.

The party was formed by South Africa-based Zimbabwean businessman Herbert Chamuka.

In an interview from is South Africa base, Chamuka said Zimbabweans who are based outside the country should be allowed to vote through diaspora voting platforms to ensure that Zimbabwe is a democratic state.

“As IPD we appeal to the government to allow people in diaspora to vote during during elections, just like other countries are allowing their citizens to vote even in diaspora,” he said. “Zimbabweans in Diaspora should be allowed to vote to ensure that Zimbabwe is a Democratic state just like other countries do,” he said.

He added that the country can make use of its embassies to allow for diaspora vote.

Voting is everyone’s right no matter one is in diaspora on not ,everyone should vote,” said Chamuka.

Despite growing calls to initiate amendment of electoral laws, the Zanu PF government remains reluctant, giving rise to speculation that the ruling party fears losing elections by huge numbers if citizens living outside the country are allowed to vote.