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India celebrates 74th independence anniversary


By Staff Reporter
INDIA today celebrates its 74th independence anniversary under a belief of human centric path of growth catalysed by open and responsive governance.
Indian diplomat ambassador Anil Wadhwa yesterday said his country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi remained committed to democracy as the country celebrates its independence during the COVID-19 trying time, where the Asian country recorded over two million cases at the beginning of August.
“India has continued to deepen economic relations with foreign partners, attracting US$74 billion last year and commitments of US$20 billion in foreign direct investment even during the months of the pandemic,” Wadhwa said in a statement to mark the country’s 74th anniversary.
“India will celebrate its Independence Day with the usual enthusiasm, although special measures will need to be put in place given the pandemic.
“Celebrations in Delhi, including those at the Red Fort where the Prime Minister will address the nation, the states, as well as those organised by Indian missions abroad will avoid large congregations of people, ensure social distancing, practice sanitisation, protect the vulnerable and use virtual technology.”
Wadhwa said India would remain focused on providing primary health care to its citizens and remained motivated by the recovery rate from the COVID-19 pandemic.
He also said one of the most populous Asian nations remain committed to foreign engagements.

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