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How to Become a Successful Trader: 10 Steps


Global financial markets are more accessible than ever before. All you need is an internet-connected device, an account, and the right software. It is even possible to start with $10 in your deposit. However, nobody turns into a successful trader overnight.

If you are only setting off on your journey, learn from investment pros. Here are ten crucial steps to help you master the art of profitable trades regardless of the domain – be it currencies, stocks, or derivatives.

1. Be Willing to Learn

Consistent success requires knowledge of the market. Do not hope to gain profit through luck – you are likely to end up in the red. This is a failed mindset for any aspiring trader. Each step must be taken seriously. Whether it is currencies or stocks, you should take time to learn about the inner workings of that market.

Be ready to spend time on thorough preparation. Practice trades in the demo mode to be familiar with all the formal procedures. In finance, decisions and goals must be based on a solid understanding of what you can achieve and how. Make learning your obsession.

2. Set Reasonable Goals

What do you hope to achieve through trading? Do you want to buy a car, move to a house, or just get a steady source of income? Consistent strategies may help you earn a hefty amount, but success takes time.

Make your goals as specific as possible, as these will keep you motivated. As you gain experience, the targets may be changed. Generally, though, the higher you aim, the higher your motivation is.

3. Find a Mentor

This is not obligatory, but it will streamline and speed up your learning. Seek advice from more experienced traders if you know them personally. They can provide insights that you will never see in books or tutorials. Besides, it is always better to learn from the mistakes of others than commit your own blunders. Experts can inform you of the less obvious pitfalls.

4. Choose a Broker Wisely

Over the past few years, global brokerage firms have recognized the potential of South Africa and Nigeria. Make sure the company is officially registered and licensed to operate in your region. It will not only register your account and provide software, but all your financial transactions will also go through it. Top brands like FXTM have been in business for years, and they are serving millions of clients worldwide.

5. Research Best Strategies

Educate yourself in every way possible, and learn about existing strategies in online trading. Before jumping in, make sure you know what course of action to pursue. As you will be trading through a broker, take advantage of the learning material they supply.

Brokers may provide links to articles, tutorials, and ebooks. Forex has been around for decades, and the trading community has already come up with quite a few proven Forex trading strategies many of which are described on the website.

6. Start Trading

After you have spent sufficient time learning and practicing in the training mode, let live trading begin. However, do not rush into the high-volume game headlong. Start small with modest deposits. Make use of all risk management tools on the platforms, such as Take Profit and Stop Loss. You can also delegate decision-making to an experienced strategy manager through copy trading.

7. Assess Progress

Evaluate your performance regularly. See what works for you and what doesn’t. Failures must be analyzed to understand what went wrong. If a specific strategy has brought positive results, you should apply it in the future. Eventually, you will refine your methods for consistent gains.

8. Work on Your Habits

Before becoming millionaires, world-famous gurus cultivate good habits that help them achieve success. These often remain constant throughout their lives. Learn from their experience. For instance, if you are most productive in the morning, make it a habit to wake up early.

Stories of self-made millionaires teach us to manage money wisely, maintain a commitment to our goals, and work on self-reflection. In the realm of trading, for instance, quick cutting of losses should become automatic.

9. Accept Failure

Fear of failure can hold you back, preventing progress. Mistakes will happen, but they offer an opportunity to learn and find a more suitable approach. Be honest with yourself and make self-improvement a habit.

10. Be Diligent

Always be ready to revisit and reconsider your goals and techniques. Never get stuck in your ways. Persistence and diligence can work wonders. A passion for trading will keep you inspired even in bad times. This is the ultimate key to lasting success.

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