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Gospel diva Murudzwa still going strong



AGATHA Murudzwa-Ndemera is one of the country’s renowned female gospel artistes. She rose to fame with her hit song, Press On, which was released in 2012 after having launched her music career in 2004. She speaks to NewsDay Life & Style…


My music has been well-received nationally and regionally. I am happy that God has been using me as His vessel, and will continue to do so, to spread the gospel through music.

There has been a lot of positive feedback from our fans. Souls have been uplifted, rejuvenated and all the glory and honour I give to the Almighty God.

I have recorded 12 albums and three singles. This career has managed to sustain a decent lifestyle for me and my family… again I thank God.

I am so grateful that we now have our own stable, Faith Sounds Music. We are working on our Hits Collection Concert. At this concert, we are going to re-do all the hits from 2003 to date. The concert is dubbed We Will Rise Again.

The music industry is male-dominated so, as a female artiste, one has to be firm and highly principled, God being the greatest helper. Eventually, we make it though it demands a lot of patience. Another setback is lack of financial assistance and back up.

Best-kept secret
As much as I love people, I am very short tempered, but I thank God I am becoming tolerant now. Many of my fans don’t know that I am a jack of all trades but a master of gospel when it comes to music. I can sing with anyone in any genre.

This monster mmmmmm, it has affected us negatively. Our industry requires a lot of people and on this instance, we had regional tours lined up, so everything was affected. It’s hard to give hope to a hopeless audience from a hopeless heart,we only thank the Almighty for sustaining us.

Yes, yes, yes, we are working on a single with Bethany Pasinawako-Ngolomi titled The Fourth Man, also featured on Jonathan Siastumuzira’s Murumbwana single and finally featuring on mkoma Panga (Panganayi Hare)’s forthcoming album, just to mention a few.

Career rewards
I am proud to be a Zimbabwean, but when it comes to rewards from music, it pains me a lot. One has to struggle a lot before getting the rewards whereas in our neighbouring countries like Mozambique, when one has, say 12 albums, it is a lifetime achievement with great rewards. We just keep praying that one day it will benefit us also financially.

Parting shot
Lastly, we just need to keep the faith and definitely we will rise again. God bless Zimbabwe!

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