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Food World, Zimbabwe’s premier independently owned supermarket group celebrates 35 years of operation since its inception in 1985. The company currently operates 6 supermarket branches and employs Zimbabweans from diverse backgrounds in the hundreds.
To acknowledge their journey and the role customers have played in their success, they will be hosting the 35th Anniversary Promotions starting August 15th all the way till the end of August. The sales feature carries discounts on all categories, including food and groceries, wines, spirits, fresh foods, and so much more, and will also be throwing in tons of freebies for customers during the celebration period. Visit our online store to see all the promotions, contests, and activities being run during the Anniversary period.
Asking a company representative about the promotion, they stated that “the company sees this as an opportunity to give back to the nation and the customers who have supported the brand over the years, and is planning to reward them with money saving deals on daily needs, and exciting in-store experiences and giveaways.”
As the country undergoes a nationwide lockdown, the retail industry has adjusted to shorter operating hours with customers generally avoiding public places. Limiting shopping for all but necessary essentials is becoming a new normal. Food World has taken the leading role in adapting and becoming flexible in meeting these changing needs. The store has two online platforms that customers can purchase from, that is Food World Online Store (https://www.foodworld.co.zw/) and Ownai platform (https://ownaimarketplace.co.zw/foodworld)
Recently Food World began registering high traffic on its Online Shop, which was launched in 2015. With its renowned service delivery, and value for money, Food World is offering a very attractive package for those who want the convenience of shopping in the comfort of their home. The platform has proven to be very popular with Zimbabweans who live abroad and need a hassle free way to get groceries to their loved ones who may not have access to supermarkets close by due to the nationwide lockdown, or are incapacitated in one way or another.
As Covid-19 lockdown measures ease, the belief is that the culture of social distancing will continue in the short to medium term and a lot more new customers would have appreciated the value and convenience of online shopping from the comfort of their own homes. With how the pandemic has forced all of us to enforce social distancing, a lot of customers have had to adapt to the life of long queues and waiting periods to access the stores. Now with that experience in mind, Food World customers do not have to stand in queues and are able to cut back on traveling time.
Besides the ease of use, the swiftness, and the general convenience of the platform, what other reasons may one want to do their grocery shopping online. Well recently, a Europe based team uncovered several indirect benefits that the public may not have been aware of.
Helps maintain a better diet
Besides allowing to be more in control of your time, online grocery shopping helps you avoid one of the biggest pitfalls of shopping:
Letting your stomach be your shopping guide, which can lead to many unhealthy purchases. This evidence, which comes from a reputable source, found that people who do their grocery shopping online make healthier choices.
Saves the environment and petrol
Going out to the supermarket involves many hidden costs that we don’t often take into account:
Spending money on petrol, queuing up to catch a commuter omnibus, finding a car park spot– none of which you have to bear when shopping online.
Makes you a better budgeter
Online shoppers are known to get a better grasp of what is being spent on a weekly basis, as they are constantly aware of the amount being spent before checkout, allowing them to be more in control over the expenditure.
Worry-free shopping
Inexperienced shoppers often worry that the produce they choose might not be the freshest or best. By shopping online, customers leave the choosing up to the experts.
Delivery Fee – NOW FREE 25 KM FROM GPO
Currently Food World has free delivery for all purchases over $60usd and for all deliveries within the 25km radius from the Harare Post Office until further notice. So make sure you log on to www.foodworld.co.zw
For out of Harare deliveries, the store uses a weight based system that relies on the total weight of the order. For every kilogram the customer is charge a $1usd which makes the sum weight of the order the delivery fee.
Online Specials Are Available
By shopping online, you can score great deals with online specials that store shoppers can’t get. The best part is that instead of driving all over town to get sale items at various supermarkets, it only takes a single click of a button to take advantage of the best online deals.
How do you shop online?
Shopping on the Food World website is very simple.
1. Log onto https://www.foodworld.co.zw/
2. Click on the “ADD TO CART”
3. Create an account by clicking on “create” at the top of the page.
4. Finish choosing your products and click on Check Out and follow the instructions.
We accept ALL major forms of payment including Eco–‐Cash, Visa, ZimSwitch.

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