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ED making Zim unsafe for citizens: Munyeza



OUTSPOKEN cleric and adviser to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Shingi Munyeza, was at it again yesterday, accusing his boss of violating the Constitution and making the country unsafe for its citizens.

In his sermon yesterday, Munyeza said the Zimbabwean government was incapable of keeping its promises, a yardstick often used to measure successful nations.

“When you have a rogue leadership that does not comply with the Constitution, that means we are not safe. In fact, the leadership is not also safe from its own. The rogue system devoured itself,” he said.

The cleric said a godly nation must have a tradition of keeping its promises and fulfilling them, saying the land issue in Zimbabwe was emotive and a promise.

“Building a godly nation is that we must have a tradition where promises are kept and fulfilled. The issue of land in Zimbabwe is emotive and a promise. The promise has to do with people,” he said.

The President’s adviser said Zimbabwe’s leadership was personalising the war of liberation, adding that everyone who lived during that period sacrificed for the liberation of the

“It is unfortunate that few are claiming that they fought in the war of liberation. The war of liberation was a collective one, rather than an elitist’s move. Everyone who was alive that time took their own oath,” he said.

Munyeza has been a thorn in Mnangagwa’s administration and was last week forced to abort a Press conference by Zanu PF youths following his critical statements against government.

Recently, the Zanu PF leader released a statement congratulating himself on “achievements” during his two-year tenure in office.

Mnangagwa last week listed some deals which he said would be changing people’s lives “for good”.

“Two years ago today, I was inaugurated as your President. I vowed to serve Zimbabwe and its people so that we could move towards a more prosperous future. Here is what we have achieved in this time. The US$4,2 billion Great Dyke Platinum Mine is already under construction. Reintroduced the Zimbabwe dollar, after 10 years of dollarisation and relying on foreign currency,” Mnangagwa said in his statement.

“The US$4 billion Karo Resources Mhondoro-Ngezi platinum project is ahead of schedule. We completed the Chiredzi-Tanganda Road, with the Makuti-Chirundu and Karoi-Binga roads currently under construction. We implemented a new school curriculum, so that every student is accommodated. The compensation of former farm owners by US$3,5 billion, ending years of disputes and 1,8 million farmers trained for Pfumvudza.”

However, Mnangagwa did not talk of the gross violations of human rights which have been condemned worldwide.

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