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Different kind of Bitcoin wallets


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was invented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, a Japanese developer along with other persons of his group. And after one-year, that is in 2009  the digital currency bitcoin started. And in today’s era, everyone takes all the benefits of it in different ways. So let’s talk about some interesting facts about storing bitcoin in various kinds of wallets.

Brief of BTC digital wallets

As people know that BTC is a digital currency so that one cannot use it in physical form and it also cannot be stored anywhere as technically. There is no doubt that bitcoin is the private key of one’s monetary that has to be stored securely.

If we discuss bitcoin storage then we can say bitcoins are stored in the digital wallet. As many people know that digital wallets can be hardware or software (web-based). One can read more about bitcoin and its wallet from the Bitcoin-Supreme. These wallets can be used in computer desktop, mobiles and kept safe by printing addresses and private keys access on a paper.

But an important question arises in many people’s minds, Are these digitals wallets safe or not? So let us clear this doubt. It all depends on a user how to manage his/her wallets because every wallet contains a set of private passcodes through which an owner can access money from the wallet.

Let’s talk about different and useful bitcoin wallets

Here are some best and secure wallets to store bitcoins:

Hardware wallet

This one is the unique kind of bitcoin wallet because it stores the user’s private key in the most secure way that is a hardware device. Other advantages of hardware wallets are that the key storage is often secure in microcontroller protected space and it cannot be transferred out of the device in cleartext.

The hardware wallets are of various types like KEEP KEY, COLD CARD, BITBX02, LEDGER NANO S, TREZER ONE, etc.

  • KEEP KEY makes security simple and before approval, it must be reviewed on the OLED display and confirmation button.
  • COLD CARD is a highly secured wallet and it is also easy to backup through encrypted microSD cards.
  • BITBOX02 was developed in Switzerland.it has invisible touch sensors, USB sticks, and easy offline backup via BIP39 mnemonic and microSD card.
  • TREZER ONE also provides a high-security level without sacrificing comfort or benefit.

Paper wallet:

A paper wallet is an important wallet as it contains a private key as well as a public address for receiving bitcoins. The paper wallet allows you to transfer and disburse your money stored in that address. Another benefit of this wallet is one can print it in QR codes so that one can do the fastest transaction. Using services like BitAddress and Bitcoin Paper Wallet anyone can generate their bitcoin address and private key. If anyone wants to print this private key, this is also possible by the services like tamper-resistant design or holographic labels. The most important benefit of the paper wallet is one can store it offline and protect it from hackers.

Desktop wallet:

For storing this, one needs to download and install the desktop wallet onto his/her computer and storing private keys in the hard disk. As they are installed in computers so there are negligible chances to steal any kind of data. Some desktop wallets are hive OS X, armory, bitcoin core, and Electrum, etc.

  • Bitcoin core helps to decentralize bitcoin.
  • Armory is the most secure wallet with a full-featured solution for the users.

Web wallets

As we know every wallet has its benefits and services. As the name clarifies web wallet, means your private keys are on a server. you can access bitcoin from anywhere, on any mobile phone or any browser. Some web wallets are MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, etc.


As expressed above how one can secure their bitcoin in different types of wallets. These wallets are highly secure and keep your monetary save and hidden from others. One can choose the wallet as per his/her requirements.





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