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Boy (14) paralysed after shaft collapse



A 14-YEAR-OLD Mutoko boy, whose spinal cord was damaged during a mine shaft collapse, is seeking financial aid for medical treatment.

The tale of Wisk Peter Chimwayi, a Grade 7 pupil at Rukanda Primary School in Mutoko, is a sad one as his family is now struggling to fend for him due to harsh economic situation with his health condition worsening due to lack of treatment.

The teenager’s mother, Judith Chimwayi (59), is seeking help in cash and kind from well-wishers so that she secures her son’s medication and food.

Chimwayi survives on piece jobs to fend for the family.

“It is not looking good. My son is sick and I am kindly seeking assistance in the form of cash so that my son gets proper medication. As you can see, he is always lying down, he can’t sit up and it is getting worse by the day,” she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Wisk had visited his aunt in Karoi where a hunt for fortunes turned tragic after a mine shaft collapsed on him while he was extracting gold ore.

He was rushed to Karoi District Hospital before being transferred to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital in Harare.

“I need to change his catheter every week and this costs US$5, which I don’t have. I also need about $3 800 to be paid to Sally Mugabe Hospital. I have exhausted all my savings. There are a lot of medical expenses to be met, but I do not have the money,” she

When NewsDay visited the Chimwayi home this week, the boy was said to have since developed sores on his back as he is unable to sit up.

According to his mother, the spinal cord is heavily damaged and needs specialised treatment.

Well-wishers can contact Wisk’s aunt Virginia Chivanza on
0776 357 576.

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