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Best Multi Cryptocurrency / multi-coin wallets


When we talk about choosing the best cryptocurrency wallet, many factors should be considered such as security, ease of use, and reliability. The most important thing that should be considered is that the wallet must store multiple currencies so that while doing transactions you don’t get transaction fees. It is also important that your wallet is safe from the hacker. Here are some of the best wallet lists which you can check.


It is a type of wallet which provides you with everything like keep your coins safe and manage as well. It also provides you to track the value of your blockchain benefit portfolio in real-time as the condition of the market has variation. It also provides themes and sets to what will suit you the best. You can choose any of the themes as there is a wide variety.

It also gives you a guarantee that your data will be safe as the company keeps clients safety as the first preference. This wallet is designed in such a way that it is very spontaneous to use.


This wallet which provides more than 200 digital tokens and blockchains. It is one of the best wallets which is a multi-asset cryptocurrency wallet. But right now, it is only present for mobile devices not for pc.



It is a support for lots of cryptocurrencies and altcoins joint with secure access from a different type of device makes Guarda as one of the best wallets for people as it supports both desktop and phone. There is one more benefit that it does not store any personal information. It also offers you to change your funds from one coin to another.


Ledger Nano S

This wallet is famous among the hardware wallets in the whole world. The wallet is secured with a chip that is used for credit cards. It supports 35 cryptocurrencies. This device can be easily used and can be easily controlled by buttons. You can easily control your transaction through the app and the best part is that your assets will remain safe. Visit Crypto Cash if you want to invest in bitcoins.


It offers a hot wallet as well as cold storage. There is a pin code required before setting up and a 24-word seed is required for activation. There is additional security also available as you have the option of adding a passphrase to a 24-word seed for extra security. You should not forget your passphrase as the seed is not of any use without a passphrase. If you have forgotten the password then the wallet cannot be recovered.


It is a multicurrency wallet that supports more than 30 different coins. To allow fully regionalized trading it uses atomic swap technology. The DEX feature is built-in there wallet so that they do not have to make deposits or withdrawals on a centralized exchange.

Keep your Coins Safe

You have to find a good wallet which suits you according to your needs which can hold multiple cryptocurrencies. If you keep your coins in exchange there is a probability of getting hacked it is safer to store in a hardware wallet. It is a truth that no wallet gives you a 100 percent hack free wallet which will not get hacked as daily new hackers are coming. So, you should find the best wallet which has a good reputation and a good working team.

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