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Are Physical crypto wallets and E-Wallets the same.


When it comes to investing in Bitcoin and pursuing a career as a Bitcoin trader, the questions that come in the mind of the newcomer most of the time are, what are wallets? How are they used? Are they all the same or are they different from each other?

Today in this article I will attempt to answer all the above-written questions, that keep on bugging the newcomers every now and then. Because in case if these doubts are left uncleared and unexplained then the trading activity cannot be performed smoothly. Sol let’s just get started. If you want to invest in bitcoins, know where can bitcoins be used

What is Crypto E-wallets?

The most asked question by the newcomers present throughout the world is, what is an E-Wallet? So, let’s just answer this first. Crypto E-wallet is a platform created for the facilitation of the Traders; it is used as a medium for storing the mined Bitcoin. Bitcoin is an Electronic form of currency and there are so many hackers around the world, that is each and every minute trying their level best to crash down Bitcoin and rob the Investors. But thanks to the E-Wallets they are providing a highly secured platform to their customers, one can easily keep his/her Bitcoin safe and secure, beyond the reach of others. There are certain options available for the Traders such as setting up a password and username to access their respective Bitcoin and this feature restrain the third party from accessing the same without prior permission of the owner.

What are Physical Wallets?

Physical wallets mean the same as their name does. Physical Wallet consists of a few physical devices that are mainly used for storing private keys. There are mainly two available types of physical wallets namely paper wallets and hardware wallets. The same is being explained hereunder:

  • Hardware Wallets

The general example of Hardware wallets is a device similar to a USB. However, in this situation, the USB like device is used for storing the concerned Trader’s user key safely and securely. The usage process of this kind of wallet is very simple. One just has to plug in the said device into their Web-connected Pc or laptop and the same is ready for making transactions. This type of Wallet is most popular amongst the traders as it is highly secure and safe because of the availability of using it offline.

  • Paper wallets.

The second kind of available wallet is a Paper wallet. This wallet is much cheaper in cost as compared to the Hardware wallets. Paper wallets consist of printed QR codes representing the private and public keys. Generally, paper wallets are used by the traders who are not trading at a large level. Paper wallets are called the most affordable wallets. Traders who find it difficult to operate a computer and find it time consuming, opts the paper wallets.

The above explained are the types of Physical wallets that are used for Cryptocurrency Trading. These two kinds of wallets are used by a mass number of traders trading throughout the world.


The concept of Wallets is not as complex as it has been considered to be by the newcomers. It is just an essential limb of the cryptocurrency trading, that is entrusted with the work of keeping the transaction smoother. I hope the information so discussed facilitates you.


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