Youtube & Twitter: How to Become Extremely Popular Using Cross-Platform Promotion?


It is not enough to embrace only one social platform to become popular. By the logic of this statement, you should spread your influence on different social media to have a maximum result. One of the best synergies is provided by an alliance of YouTube and Twitter. However surprising it can be for you, these two social networks can help you to reach your sacred goal to become famous online much faster and easier. In this article, we want to share with you the most effective tips and hacks for using Twitter and YouTube as a perfect duo.

YouTube and Twitter have different strategies for promotion. Twitter is based on consistent daily posting, and YouTube requires a less busy schedule. After all, if you want to produce high-quality content, you need more time for creating and editing it. Your main concern for both of the networks is how to get more people to see your profile. The bigger is the number of viewers on both platforms, the better is the result.


You use different tools, of course. The first, and very important one, is to create the coolest content. You must make sure that everything you do is useful to people. Nowadays everyone thinks that he can become a blogger and thus the Internet is overwhelmed with informational garbage. So the best way to stand out and grab the attention of a bigger number of people is to provide valuable and original content. In order to drive the interest of the audience to your videos in cheap price and without losing much time you can buy some YouTube subs. Doing that will increase the chances of your target viewers to see your content. But don’t rely solely on your purchased stats. These are an instrument to make your leap forward when you want to outrun the competitors in your industry. But the ultimate goal for you should be grossing as many organic followers as possible. Due to the policies of YouTube, you must be careful with your paid services, otherwise they can even ban you and you will lose all your work in a moment.


We have already mentioned that Twitter requires consistent and everyday posting. The basis of communication on this platform resembles SMS that was popular in the era before the internet was in wide usage. So you need to be active on this platform all the time for getting more subscribers. So the main tips for successful growth on Twitter are:

  • Regular posting
  • Constant retweeting
  • Replying to other users]]]
  • Tagging each other
  • Be focused on the chosen niche
  • Follow the most fresh trends


This feature of Twitter is primarily useful for gamers. Tweeting is instant and it can provide the quickest updates of your streaming. You can also highlight the best moments you    had on YouTube.

With this texting network, you can announce your upcoming videos and start conversations with your audience. Also, you can use Twitter as a social listening tool and easily find out what your viewers want to see from you.

The same goes for YouTube. You can easily drive new followers to your account on Twitter. The easiest way to do that is by adding CTA’s to your content. The sense of CTA (call-to-action) is to ask your viewers directly to do something for you. It can be anything, and of course, you can include the message that encourages your subscribers to follow you on Twitter too.


This is a must if you want to get the most from your cross-platform promotion. Add the link to your Twitter to your channel description. And leave the link under every video you post as well. On Twitter, add the link to your channel in your bio, and pinned tweets from time to time. Keep in mind, that you should not overload your profile on Twitter with the promoting posts.

Tip: don’t forget to use link shortcuts, to make the text smaller, so you have some space for additional description!


That is needed to make your profiles discoverable. Your followers from YouTube should be able to recognize you on Twitter without any effort. Think of the signs that will make you stand out from the others. Check your profile on Twitter and channel information on YouTube for these significant points:

  • Unified color scheme
  • Mascot or logo that identifies your content
  • Profile picture – for both platforms choose a shoulder-high portrait
  • Try to stick with the same nickname on every platform. In case if the one you wanted is already taken, you should pick the most similar


Recently Twitter presented a feature that allows you to promote video content, including third-party films, like YouTube. There are few options that are settled to fulfill the needs for different budget ranks. This feature also gives an opportunity to promote the videos and GIFs that are uploaded straight to the network, so you can use it for announcing your further videos and add the link for getting some traffic back to YouTube.

Also, you can follow advertising profiles to get the tweets with the link to your video spread wider and faster. Just tag them and send a tweet that contains the link. Usually, such profiles do it for free, so be attentive when they ask for any fees.


Both Twitter and YouTube are made primarily for communication and interaction between people. Thus you must not make a mistake of a rookie and simply use Twitter for promotions and updates of your video channel. That will only annoy your followers, and with time, they will simply stop reacting to your tweets, and that’s fatal, because your growth flowers, and you cannot use all the potential of your work. That would mean that you have failed as a Twitter blogger.

To avoid exasperation towards you, make your account not about your YouTube profile, but about yourself. Being sincere and honest, sharing your thoughts in the short cozy format can not only make a strong community of your fans from YouTube, but attract occasional users who may not know about your channel a thing. And when making a video, don’t exaggerate the meaning of your Twitter account. After all, everything in this world has to be in balance, so does online life.


The secret of effective cross-platform promotion is not to post the same things on all the platforms you want to embrace. To provide better engagement on every network you should think o different content that will come exclusively for it. Here are the common rules for creating original posts for different platforms:

  • Have your images and videos properly optimized
  • Make different headlines for each network, even if the theme is the same
  • Schedule posting on the right time


The cross-platform promotion is an art. To reach success you must complete many tough tasks with timing, persistence, and creativity. The vital thing for a good blogger is to provide high-quality content to your audience. Everything else is secondary, and even the best marketing team won’t solve this problem.


Cross-platform promotion between YouTube and Twitter is a must, and only you can find the perfect balance. And there never can be stressed enough, that you have to keep things about your persona. Your promoting posts have to be subtle and pleasing, so add a bit of your original style to them. Same for your content on YouTube. When you mention your other profiles, make sure that you have included these naturally, within some context.