We have no political affiliation in Zim: Splash Paints


PAINTS manufacturer, Splash Paint and Plastics has distanced itself from social media allegations that it was sponsoring political activities in Zimbabwe.


The company said the allegations were spurious and had no basis.

The allegations surfaced after workers engaged in a sit-in, demanding US dollar salaries and an improvement in their working conditions, but later altered the allegations to claim that its the owner was aligned to ta certain political party and ill-treated them boasting that he was untouchable.

But in a statement, Splash Paints said the claims were designed to tarnish the company’s image and deliberately misinform the public.

“It has come to our attention that there are allegations being circulated against Splash Paint and Plastics,” part of the statement read.

“The allegations are that the company has political interests in Zimbabwe and that its employees are on strike due to poor working conditions, the company categorically denies these spurious allegations.”

“The company has no political affiliation, no holding, affiliate or associate companies as alleged. Such distasteful practices should be treated with the disdain due to them.”

The company said it was on course to fulfil the requirements of ISO certification and had also applied for general public health requirements with strict precautionary measures to combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company said employees did not give notice of their intention to go on strike.