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Sandy re-invents herself


SANDRA Ndebele, popularly known as Sandy, appeared to have gone underground after dominating the airwaves with her vigorous and energetic traditional dances. At a time people thought she was now history, she recently staged a stunning comeback donning a new look. Her latest pictures, which have been shared severally by admirers, have literally caused a social media meltdown. The mother of three speaks to NewsDay Weekender Life & Style reporter Freeman Makopa about this and other matters.

New Look
The pictures alone tell the whole story. I am heading in the right direction. This is a clear example of working hard to stay fit and there is no excuse for women out there to neglect their bodies.

I am working on my ninth album called Up the Ladder and you must expect it. Definitely 2020, you will get an album. On collaborations, Yes, there are collaborations but local ones. I assembled an all-female ensemble Intombi Zom’qangala and I managed to tour other countries such as England, Canada and Russia.

I am a versatile entrepreneur. I do everything that brings money to the table. I sell vegetables, I breed chickens, I sing and do buying and selling and I am also into mining. In short, I do all sorts of things.

My marriage is my pillar of strength. For me to be where I am today it’s because of this marriage, so I will say to all the ladies out there: it’s an interesting journey.

As of dancing, yes I have mentored and groomed a lot of dancers, but I am still dancing.

Best-kept secret
I am a good cook
As cultural ambassadors, as you know, we are always travelling and most of our shows are outside Zimbabwe because of our culture, everything just stopped all of a sudden. Because of COVID-19, we couldn’t travel. So, financially COVID-19 affected us.

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