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PPC Zimbabwe Sales and Marketing Manager Nkosana Mapuma (Blue Suit) handing over the 90 tonnes of SURECEM cement to the Cyclone Idai Victims Housing Project.


PPC Donates 90 Tonnes of Cement to Cyclone Idai Victims Housing Project

As a proud supplier of building materials and solutions in Zimbabwe and across Africa, PPC has been instrumental to the growth and development of communities across Southern Africa. For over 100 years PPC has invested in Zimbabwe beyond infrastructure, helping to build up and develop her people. The organisation has stepped in to support Zimbabwe in overcoming the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai in 2019. PPC has donated 1 800 bags of SURECEM cement to the Cyclone Idai Victims Housing Project – translating to 90 tonnes of cement to be utilised by Mutare Municipality for the cause. The donation was handed over to his Excellency, President E.D. Mnangagwa on the 15th of July 2020, and the cement was physically handed over in Mutare on 22nd July 2020.
As a responsible corporate citizen with a vision to support the longevity of Zimbabwe’s infrastructure as well as the sustainability of her development, PPC believes it has an important role to play. With Zimbabwe pushing towards Vision 2030 and the infrastructure goals in that vision, PPC is holding the torch to light the way. As Zimbabweans strive to build our nation, we, as PPC believe together we are stronger. Through the donation of world-class SURECEM cement, PPC is lending its expertise, innovation and engineering to ensure that together, we build a future that benefits all communities.
PPC Zimbabwe Sales and Marketing Manager, Nkosana Mapuma, shared the importance of businesses coming together to support all those in need, who desperately rely on the assistance and expertise provided by corporates. “All efforts are greatly needed to make a difference, and change the lives of those affected by Cyclone Idai,” Mr. Mapuma shared. “As a nation that practices the spirit of Ubuntu, Zimbabweans will always come together to help neighbours in need. As market leaders in our industry, PPC is committed to the rebuilding and development of our beautiful nation, regardless of the geographic corner.” With this in mind, PPC Zimbabwe presented three truckloads of UNICEM cement to Mutare province for delivery to affected areas.
SURECEM, formerly UNICEM, is world-class 32.5N general purpose cement that has been engineered for excellence when used in multiple applications. It is just one of the high quality, dependable products out of several forming the PPC SURERANGE. PPC Zimbabwe has donated SURECEM as it is the ideal product to ensure impeccable levels of quality across the wide range of construction projects in place to rebuild after Cyclone Idai. SURECEM is the bag for the job where economy and consistency are key. No matter the hardships that face Zimbabwe, PPC will always rise to the challenge as it looks to the future, using its pillars to dismantle tough problems in revolutionary ways.

The mantra “Strength Beyond” is PPC’ guiding light. PPC believes it has an important responsibility in Zimbabwe beyond ensuring safe, sustainable, and secure infrastructural development. PPC cares about the communities it works in, and it believes that caring for people and using its innovation to build quality of life within communities secures the nation’s future. For PPC, excellence in everything it does, including in uplifting people, is embedded in its moral fibre.

PPC has a vision for tomorrow’s Zimbabwe and her people. As it looks to the future and continues its journey in Zimbabwe, it will continue to ensure that its high quality products result in infrastructure that assures longevity, standing the test of time and economic growth and greater prosperity for Zimbabweans. As PPC continues to grow, it will continue to contribute positively to our nation as a whole.

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