Marondera to sell ‘historic’ building

Marondera Municipality

Marondera Municipality is set to sell the town’s historical building, popularly known as The Farmers Hall, to Zesa Pension Fund for the construction of a mall.


The building, one of the oldest, tells the history of the farming town and has been used as a community centre by residents as well as churches.

According to latest council minutes, despite resistance from other councillors, council has since passed a resolution to sell the building to the power company by auction.

“Zesa Pension Fund owns Stand 30 Marandellas Township and wishes to develop the stand, but it is small for the magnitude of the project. They were requesting to be sold council land being leased by Ratidzo Muriritirwa opposite Charlesdale, and also requested to purchase the Farmer’s Hall.

“Councillor (Gresham) Mponda felt that the Farmer’s Hall should remain a community centre. The director for housing advised that it was an opportunity for the development of the town. It was proposed that Zesa Pension Fund should be allocated the land in phases, first phase being land opposite Charlesdale and monitor progress before the second phase of the Farmer’s Hall,” the minutes read.

The Farmers Hall was built in the 1970s as a meeting place for white commercial farmers in and around Marondera.

The building was later donated to council after farmers relocated to Marondera Country Club along Ruzawi Road.

“The committee agreed and recommended to full council that Zesa Pension Fund should be sold land being leased by Ratidzo Muriritirwa opposite Charlesdale and that Farmer’s Hall will be sold to them on condition that progress is made on the first phase,” the council minutes read.