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Indigenous churches call for dialogue


A GROUP of indigenous churches led by Zanu PF-aligned businessman Jimaya Muduvuri has called for a multi-sectoral dialogue to end the country’s economic woes, saying the anti-government protests planned for July 31 would only stoke political tension.


The Zimbabwe Amalgamated Council of Churches’ dialogue call come at a time some citizens, backed by opposition political parties, were plotting to protest against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government on July 31.

Zanu PF has threatened to ruthlessly crush the protests, accusing opposition parties, particularly the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance, of plotting to unconstitutionally remove Mnangagwa from power.

Muduvuri said only dialogue could bring about peace and stabilise the economy, characterised by runaway inflation, shortages of goods and an unstable currency.

“We are concerned that there are people who still believe that public protests and demonstrations are a viable method to resolve perceived national problems,” Muduvuri told journalists on Friday.

“Our view is clear that protests and demonstrations, when used for purposes other than national interests and development, become less connected to the populace and do not add value to the consolidation of democratic processes.”

The indigenous churches patron added: “There is no evidence that putting people on the streets will diminish the support for the President and the ruling party because all demonstrations ever achieve is sponsoring public disorder.

“President Mnangagwa has kept his doors wide open for dialogue. He has demonstrated not once, but numerously, his willingness to build a nation based on consensus and unity of purpose.
“We, therefore, believe that protests and demonstrations can and should never be used as a tool of political advocacy.

“We, therefore, condemn outrightly and unreservedly this wanton propensity towards unbridled and thoughtless public demonstrations in the name of constitutional rights.”

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