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I’m a ‘prayer warrior’: Mai Titi


SOCIALITE Felistas Murata, popularly known as Mai Titi, is not new to controversy. Of late, she has been engaged in a nasty social media fight with controversial cleric Passion Java. She speaks on these and other issues.


Passion Java

About Passion Java, it was not a publicity stunt. It was high time someone put him in his place. The guy is a show-off and he wants to rule and control everybody on social media to the extent that now we don’t know if he is a real prophet or he is into showbiz or he is a music promoter. He should know where he stands, not to invade everyone’s job wanting to control everyone. If he is just a prophet, he should remain there, if his prophet medicine has expired he should try something else not to come and control everyone on social media.

Passion is not a Man of God, that I will bet if God was to come down and witness, he would agree with me because that guy is a show off, a wannabe and he wants to rule everybody and he thinks he has some type of power. We know Men of God they don’t do what he does and if I am to say it in Shona ane dzungu.

He thinks he is rich while he is not even recorded in the books and he wants everybody to worship his small money.

Also its money that he takes from Christians, collection of tithes and offerings and after doing that he buys himself a nice car and shows off. All these people are struggling in his church while he is doing some fake tongues. He is a manipulator, I was listening to him praying to some congregants and some of them were Indians and it’s only that they didn’t I understand Shona.

New Mercedes-Benz

About the Mercedes-Benz, it’s not rumours. Yes, I bought a Mercedes-Benz. My work has been really, really rewarding. I work so hard and besides music and acting I am also a designer and I own luxury shops in town. I am a hustler. If you see me in town, you will see me in that Mercedes-Benz. Hard work pays and focusing on what you want to achieve also pays and saving money also pays.

Best-kept secret

The one thing that my followers don’t know about me is that I am a prayer warrior. They think I am someone who likes to fight, but they don’t know that behind the curtains I am a very prayerful woman and its hard to understand a character like mine, but I am a prayer warrior and I love praying and if you ask people at my house, they will tell you I love praying.


Competion is my challenge. I have got people who want to compete with me, yet I didn’t come to the industry for competition. I came here to inspire, motivate and uplift somebody, especially single mothers because more on single mothers.


My family understands that its showbiz and in showbiz you have those controversies. I don’t just shout from nowhere. They know people provoke me so that they can see the other side of me, but I am outspoken, I don’t like to be undermined or underestimated. If you attack me, I hit back.

Trace TV

I did a video in the United Kingdom and we submitted it to Trace TV and people love it which is good news to me.

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