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Complains over human rights commission interviews


THE public and civil society organisations (CSOs) have raised concern over an alleged failure by Parliament to openly conduct the interviews to fill vacant posts for commissioners of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC).


CSOs who spoke to NewsDay Weekender said social media links which had been provided by Parliament to allow the public access to the interviews had failed to work and, therefore, many people who wanted to watch had failed to do so.

Parliament was streaming on a private account and not their page, resulting in the public failing to access the interviews.

Parliamentary watchdog Veritas said they would be issuing a statement today on the alleged failure to provide working links to the public.

“We tried to find the interviews on the Parliament of Zimbabwe website, their Facebook page and even to enter the interviews via Zoom, but failed to get access,” Veritas said.

Other CSOs which work closely with Parliament, but did not want to speak on record, said the least Parliament could have done was put the interviews on broadcaster ZBC-TV so that the public could have access.

Parliamentary spokesperson Tambudzai Mutare said except for the first three interviews, all the other shortlisted candidates had been streamed live on Facebook, making the interviews live.

“We streamed the interviews on our Facebook page, I think the problem is that people could have been opening the wrong page but the interviews are there on our page right now,” she said.

NewsDay Weekender managed to locate the interviews on Facebook which had been viewed by less than 15 people an hour after it had ended.

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