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Charamba daughters drop singles


TOP gospel musicians Charles and Olivia Charamba’s daughters — Shalom and Eternity — have followed their parents’ footsteps into music officially, with the release of their singles this Friday.


The singles, Mbiri Yose led by Shalom (22) on vocals with Eternity (17) taking the lead on Tonamata Jesu, will be released online because of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

The singles were recorded at their father’s Fishers of Men studio and co-produced by Charamba and Antony Gasani.
Charamba told NewsDay Life & Style yesterday that although the siblings were good composers, they were introduced to the world of music through his compositions.

“The singles, Mbiri Yose and Tonamata Jesu, which are inclined towards worship are taking Shalom and Eternity onto the music scene as siblings. To introduce them to the world I had to offer my composition as a sign of blessing them with parental goodwill. They are, however, very competent composers in their own right,” he said.

Charamba said the instruments on the songs were played by his daughters’ friends from the music fraternity Tatenda Chinengundu (bass), Malvern Cheremari (drums), Antony Gasani (guitar), Isheunopa Jere (keyboards) and Michael Anatori (sound).

The backing vocals were provided by their siblings Aveneni, Timukudze and Tagamuchira Charamba and their parents.
Shalom and Eternity are not new voices on the gospel scene having featured on the song Mukondombera Imhandu Yedu in 2007 on a part that required voices of children.

“As little children, they also participated in the Facing Challenges video and this year on Independence Day they partnered us to minister to ZBCTV viewers, having been requested to entertain virtually,” he said.
Charamba said the siblings were different in terms of musical expression and vocal delivery, adding that they would release albums in due course.

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