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AMHVoices: You know the rules Komichi, apply them


A REPORT by one daily on May 17, 2020 stated that there were some hardliners on both sides of the MDC feud who were working hard to scuttle negotiations for the extraordinary congress suggested by the Supreme Court judgment.

By Kennedy Kaitano, Our Reader

Senator Morgen Komichi rightly pointed out that the standing committee of the 2014 structures, the organ that plays a key role in planning the congress, had not met.

I praised his position that respects the MDC constitution as the MDC-T 2014 structures was and still is the correct organ that is supposed to plan an extraordinary congress suggested by the Supreme Court following a MDC-T 2014 national council resolution. Anything other than that is child’s play.

I am once again kindly reminding him now that he is in charge of preparing for the congress, that so far, under the leadership of MDC-T acting leader Thokozani Khupe, the planning that has taken place does not constitute constitutionalism and rule of law as expressed in the Supreme Court judgment.

Komichi still has 30 days to undo all the unconstitutional processes done to date to bring back the extraordinary congress on track, and the sooner you involve the legitimate stakeholders, the better.

It is public knowledge that the majority of the members of the MDC-T 2014 national council wrote to the leadership, and their request for a meeting to be held was acknowledged by the temporarily reinstated secretary-general of the 2014 MDC-T party, but the request was shoved aside by Douglas Mwonzora.

As the leader now in charge of the process, Komichi has to ensure that the request by the majority is addressed, otherwise a congress that lives to constitutionalism and abides by the Supreme Court judgment will not be possible by July 31, 2020, which is the deadline given by the Supreme Court before the mooted judgment becomes water under the bridge and the factions revert to their pre-March 31, 2020 status.

If one person Elias Mashavire got us to this, do not underestimate the existence of another Elias Mashavire among the majority of the appropriate 2014 MDC-T structures who are aggrieved by the unconstitutional conduct under Khupe’s leadership, which was at variance with the Supreme Court judgment.

In carrying out his mandate, Komichi must not rely on other people for advice, people such as Mwonzora who, if media reports are to be believed, is chameleonic in character.

In interviews he held with the media following the appointment of Elias Mudzuri and Nelson Chamisa as vice-presidents, Mwonzora was very unequivocal to say that due process had been taken to ensure the appointments were in line with the party constitution, but after the Supreme Court judgment, he loudly said he had advised against the appointments.

Just last month, Mwonzora has made contradictory statements regarding the extension of the mooted extraordinary congress dates.

He is reported to have said postponing the extraordinary congress would not be in violation of the Supreme Court judgment that the special congress be held within 90 days from the date of the ruling, saying :“When the ruling was handed down, the Chief Justice (Luke Malaba) made a blanket extension of time limits by six weeks. The three months deadline was set to expire on July 31, 2020, but there is a six weeks period we were given, meaning that the extraordinary congress will have to be held by not later than September 15. We are, therefore, working on a date between now and then.”

But behind the others’ back, Mwonzora told one daily: “The Supreme Court sets clear deadlines for this event. We have developed the roadmap to the congress. The correct interpretation of the Supreme Court judgment means that the congress must be held by July 31. Any extensions outside the timelines given by the Supreme Court can expose us to unnecessary legal challenges”.

Mwonzora has proved to be economic with the truth. After he and others were led to a prayer meeting at the graveside of the late party founder Morgan Tsvangirai by Khupe to ask for the late founding MDC President’s powers to win court cases and unite their faction, Mwonzora professed ignorance of the visit when he was contacted by a journalist.

Perhaps he had been surprised by the call as he had not anticipated that members of the entourage would have communicated the visit to the media, and momentarily forgot that there had been video footage taken of the event, which would later go viral, leaving him with egg on his face.

It becomes very difficult to trust Mwonzora, who could not full support your claim that you used to tell him about spying on Advocate Chamisa, which has left you with egg on your face.

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