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AMHVoices: Refusing reforms: Zanu PF doing itself a disservice

ZANU PF, with Emmerson Mnangagwa as their presidential candidate against any opposition, will struggle to get the votes to secure the party’s victory in the 2023 general elections.

ZANU PF, with Emmerson Mnangagwa as their presidential candidate against any opposition, will struggle to get the votes to secure the party’s victory in the 2023 general elections.

By Precious Shumba, Our Reader

From the day he came into office after a coup in November 2017, he has failed to impress in terms of policy articulation and consistency in tackling the socio-economic challenges facing Zimbabwe, neither has he dealt decisively with the vice of corruption, nor has he made his government more efficient and effective.

In fact, citizens no longer trust him to deal with any of the problems they are facing.

Any President who fails to command the confidence of the citizens, does not deserve a second term. It is the duty of Zanu PF to find a replacement through its governance structures, and bring in someone who is willing to break with the communist way of tackling issues.

Zanu PF hardliners and probably Mnangagwa himself might argue that they have a plan, but the plan is futile and has dismally failed to end corruption, enhance government’s transparency and accountability, revive industries, create the promised jobs, built the promised houses and deliver on health and reforms.

Therefore, Mnangagwa as President, has no capacity to bring about cohesion, unity and development in the country.

He failed the test of bringing unity among the citizens across the cultural, social and political divides.

To deal with the deteriorating social and economic challenges afflicting Zimbabwe, the Zanu PF-led government has very little room to do as it pleases. They have to do the right thing and that includes:

  • Expediting prosecution and conviction of major corruption cases and bringing all stolen wealth back into State coffers.
  • Reforming the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and having an audit of the banks to ensure that all economic and political misdemeanours are uprooted, exposed and corrected. The pain is necessary, because it would be worse if enforced by a political party or force different from Zanu PF.
  • All the beneficiaries of the land reform programme should be held to account so that they produce for both commercial and subsistence purposes. Farm sizes have to be cut with no one allowed to have more than 200 hectares.

There are thousands of Zimbabweans desperate to have a piece of land. Land does not belong to a few individuals.

Multiple farm owners should lose the farms without delay. One person one farm policy must be vigorously enforced.

  • Command Agriculture should be audited and those who violated its conditions should either be prosecuted or made to repay in full what they owe the taxpayer.
  • Incompetent ministers such as Mthuli Ncube should be fired.
  • The mega deals which the President signed with several partners should be reviewed by an independent commission, and renegotiated to suit our needs as Zimbabweans.

The ruling party should know that 2023 is not far. Citizens want to see tangible benefits accruing to them.

If Zanu PF and its leadership do not take into consideration the input of technocrats such as economists, the opposition, citizens, civil society, labour unions and the church, and even the voice of reason within their ranks, President Mnangagwa risks losing his position in an unceremonious manner maybe worse than what his predecessor the late Robert Mugabe endured.

Zanu PF supporters have more to lose than any other citizen in the event that they lose the elections. The military has a duty to side with citizens if it hopes to bring prosperity and pride to Zimbabwe.

Zanu PF will not rule this country forever, therefore, it must remember that it will be punished appropriately, and even lose whatever riches it amassed at the expense of national economic growth and development.

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