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AMHVoices: Bad leadership, greed tearing opposition apart


IT comes as no surprise that police have barred the gathering that had been planned to elect a replacement for the late MDC founding president Morgan Tsvangirai.

By Kennedy Kaitano

I have been advising the Thokozani Khupe-led faction that it should plan to hold the elections in a manner that complies with the prevailing coronavirus situation, to no avail.

The Supreme Court judgment was passed during lockdown.

Most importantly, I also advised the Khupe faction that it was not planning the event in accordance with the MDC constitution, because the national council of the 2014 MDC-T structures has not met to discuss and communicate the extraordinary congress as required by section 6.2.6. and the advice was ignored.

Amid all this, there seems to be attempts by rival groups within the faction to outfox each other to land the presidency instead of addressing issues that ensure that the extraordinary congress meets the requirements of the Supreme Court ruling and the MDC constitution.

But I have warned the Khupe faction that it is spending precious time doing things that are outside the party constitution and the Supreme Court ruling instead of following the constitution, even suggesting that they can involve the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions which gave birth to the MDC to mediate in the MDC disputes, and all advice fell on deaf ears.

As I advised, the election of a replacement for Tsvangirai has to be done under the prevailing conditions.
In this age of information communication technology, speeches would have been delivered electronically as is common practice these days.

Instead of proper planning, the Khupe faction is obsessed with firing members and recalling legislators to create space for her to become leader in Parliament and to distribute positions in the legislature to trusted colleagues.

The Supreme Court has indeed been a test of intelligence of some of the potential leaders of Zimbabwe, and the result is there for the public to judge. I hope there have been some important lessons learnt and those in the Khupe faction who still aspire for leadership roles to pull the country out of the mess it was dumped into by Zanu PF can reflect and take corrective measures to improve their credibility in the eyes of the electorate.
Advice ignored is trouble invited.

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