Wildest Characters in Tennis 2020

Tennis is a sport that has hosted some rather interesting characters throughout the years. It’s also a sport that is super appealing for those who enjoy the odd wager here and there, and through this US site, there’s top markets and more on offer. Tennis is slowly coming back to our screens as we speak, so now’s a great time to cash in on the action.

There’s also a ton of bonuses in Germany, if that’s where you are trying to claim some offers from. Either way, the bottom line is that tennis is full of exciting markets and rewards right now. With that aside, we wanted to highlight some of the wackiest characters in tennis for 2020, and believe us – these guys are nuts!

Crazy’s of the Court

  1. Fabio Fognini

Good old Fabio – wind him up and watch him go. He’s got that classic Italian passion out there on the court, and it doesn’t take much to make this man upset. One of the best parts of watching him is that an outburst is always right around the corner, but he’s well-known for his bizarre reactions too.Fognini has been known to pull down the Umpires sock at the change of ends, to chat in Italian with members of the crowd, and to have outbursts that would be worthy of an Opera performance. With all of this in mind, he’s a loveable character, and he’s also an incredible talent too.

  1. Pablo Cuevas

Pablo Cuevas is a bit of a whacko – period. First of all, he is an amazingly talented player, and he likes to try every trick shot under the sun, regardless of how important a point might be. He likes to hit the ball between his legs, around the back, and he enjoys trying to hit the ball without looking at it too.

He hasn’t ever achieved enormous success on the tour, but he’s entertained millions both in person at tournaments, and on TV. Interestingly, Cuevas is rarely very animated or outspoken while he plays, which makes him even more of an intriguing player to observe. Even when he pulls off a remarkable trick shot, he looks like he’s ready for a lie-down!

We certainly love watching this Urugian sensation, as do thousands of others each year.

  1. Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios is a bit like Marmite, you either love him or you hate him. He’s immensely talented for a start, and some of the shots he pulls off are just out of this world. However, he’s never far away from a meltdown when he’s on the court. He breaks rackets, screams at the crowd, argues with umpires, and everything else you can think of.

Get him on a good day however, and you can see him dancing around, reacting positively to whatever is going on, and he’s just a joy to watch. It’s even funnier than he claims he doesn’t actually enjoy tennis, and regularly says that he’d prefer to be an NBA basketball player – go figure!

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