Vere offers toolkit for impactful living


Title: Becoming a Person of Impact
Author: Kudzanai Vere
Publisher: Transformational Mindset Institute 2020
ISBN: 978-1-77925-095-7

ONE of the most compelling human desires is the need to become influential in one way or the other — but usually in a positive way.

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This is almost akin to the need to satisfy natural human hunger. But the challenge with many who nurse such dreams is the lack of technical know-how, or an effective toolkit, to help them successfully pursue such a dream and enjoy the fulfilment that comes along with it.

This is the yawning chasm that Kudzanai Vere seeks to bridge through this new publication — his second literary offering — Becoming A Person of Impact (The Six-Pack Approach).

Vere comes across as a credible “preacher” of a “gospel” that is indisputably demonstrated in his own life. No doubt, as the founder of Premium Business Network International and chief executive officer of Kudfurt Enterprises, he has the bragging rights that he can effectively share some wisdom nuggets on how to make impact in life.

To his credit, Vere provides coaching services in entrepreneurship, personal, organisational and leadership development as well as financial literacy — itself a grey area for many emerging entrepreneurs whose enterprises end up going bust for lack of such knowledge.

In 102 pages, the author strongly presents his case for a fail-proof and tried and tested strategy on how you can transform yourself into an impactful individual, particularly in the areas of business and entrepreneurship. He does this by touching on subjects that include discovering oneself, re-ordering one’s life, emerging victorious from punishing life circumstances, networking, continuous improvement and transcending all manner of limitations along the journey to success.

Vere draws extensively from the scriptures, a move that is likely to score him a significant number of votes and “likes” from Christian readers (What with Zimbabwe professing to be a Christian nation? This is a subject for debate, though).

There is a realisation that God designed man to have dominion over creation, and this alone is sufficient explanation as to why man (at least the majority) traditionally fight mediocrity and seek to scale dizzy heights of success.

Further to that, Vere contends that God provided mankind with the blueprint for success, which man must adopt if he is to enjoy genuine and lasting success. Key elements in this regard — according to Vere’s doctrine — are faith, confidence and expectation.

While many people just drift through life purposelessly, like pieces of paper tossed in the wind, Vere disabuses the reader of the notion that success can be accidental. He presents a case for a deliberate, systematic, intentional and well-calculated strategy to deliver success to one’s doorstep.

Discovering self is an idea often recklessly thrown about in motivational circles, such that it has become almost a cliché — tired, meaningless and perhaps half-understood. But thankfully, Vere has taken time to break down this concept into small, palatable bits and pieces that whoever desires success can chew and swallow to their heart’s content without much of a struggle and ingest into their system with far-reaching benefits.

Although the exterior of the book seems a perfect fit in light of the subject, it is the interior design that I am not so sure about. I did not find it quite impressive.

A more well-thoughtout and seamless presentation would have made the book a stellar package.

But otherwise, this is an offering that those keen to succeed in life despite the many challenges that come along with it will find quite helpful.


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