‘Trigger-happy Chinese miner must be brought to book’


ZANU PF youths yesterday slammed the shooting of two locals by a Chinese miner in Gweru and warned that the incident could trigger anarchy in the country.


Tendai Chirau, acting Zanu PF youth league boss, urged the authorities to be tough against abusive Chinese investors.

Zhang Xuelin, general manager at Reeden Mine near Gweru, recently shot Wendy Chikwaira and Kennedy Tachiona during a row over outstanding wages.

Zhang shot Tichaona three times on his right thigh and twice on the left, according to a police affidavit.
Police said Zhang fired another shot at workers, grazing Chikwaira’s chin.

“The Zanu PF youth league strongly condemns the callous shooting of comrades Wendy Chikwaira (31) and Kennedy Tachiona (39) by a Chinese national, one Zhang Xuelin (a general manager) following a wage dispute at Reeden Mine, located some 25km out of Gweru. The youth league is deeply concerned and perplexed with this flagrant disregard of existing dispute resolution mechanisms encapsulated in Zimbabwe’s labour laws in preference of barbaric law of the jungle tactics,” he said.

Chirau said the incident could destabilise the harmonious working relationships of people of all races.

“Zimbabwe is a civilised, progressive, democratic nation and our youth league is deeply perturbed by such an inhuman act. It is our fervent hope that the law will speedily take its course and remind all employers (domestic and foreign) that workers have rights too,” he said.

“Accordingly, we encourage the courts as well as mining regulation authorities to send an urgent and strong warning to those who dare take advantage of the humility of Zimbabweans by turning the mining sector into a wild-wild west, where laws are senselessly flouted in pursuit of personal gain and greediness. Such criminal and heartless acts have no place in a progressive and democratic Zimbabwe.”

The Zanu PF youth league boss said they would keep track of the trial.

“It must be reiterated that Zhang Xuen’s cold-hearted trigger happy and barbaric act is an affront upon the peace-loving and hardworking people of Zimbabwe and a law-breaking act against the sovereign people of the Republic of Zimbabwe.”

Last year, Associated Mine Workers Union of Zimbabwe raised concern over the growing labour violations, which include beating up of employees and long working hours without compensation being perpetrated by Chinese investors.

The union accused Chinese employers of flagrantly flouting the country’s labour laws and urged the government to act.