Premier African Minerals snaps up additional 7% in Namibian firm


ZIMBABWE-focused miner, Premier African Minerals (Premier), has acquired a further 7% stake at Namibian MN Holdings Limited (MNH) for US$700 000 following the approval of the sale by the shareholders.


The move, expected to be a cash-generative asset supportive of group overheads in the near future, puts its holding in MNH at 19%.

MNH owns the Otjozondu manganese mining project in Namibia.

Premier owns the RHA tungsten, Zulu lithium and tantalite projects in Zimbabwe.

“Premier African Minerals Limited is pleased to confirm the completion of the purchase of a further 7% in MN Holdings Limited, the owner and operator of the Otjozondu Manganese Mining Project,” the company said in a statement.

Premier on May 6, 2020 announced that it had entered into a conditional sale and purchase agreement with MNH.

“Following the approval of the agreement by shareholders at the company’s general meeting on June 4, 2020 the company has satisfied the purchase consideration of US$700 000 in the form of 498 229 730 new ordinary Premier shares issued at an issue price of 0,0111p (payment shares), being Premier’s quoted closing share price on 4 June 2020,” the company said.

Premier said application would be made for the payment shares, which “rank pari passu with the company’s existing ordinary shares, to be admitted to trading on AIM and admission is expected to take place on or around June 17, 2020.”

Premier is a multi-commodity mining and natural resource development company focused on southern Africa with its RHA tungsten and Zulu lithium projects in Zimbabwe.

The company has a diverse portfolio of projects, which include tungsten, rare earth elements, lithium and tantalum in Zimbabwe, encompassing brownfield projects with near-term production potential to grassroots exploration.

The company holds 5 010 333 shares in Circum Minerals Limited, the owners of the Danakil Potash Project in Ethiopia, which has the potential to be a world-class asset.


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