Mnangagwa running scared: Chamisa

MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa has said the government is running scared of the people and it is  time to boot President Emmerson Mnangagwa out of power.

By Blessed Mhlanga

Addressing the press on the sidelines of his lawyer, Thabani Mpofu’s initial court appearance, Chamisa said Mnangagwa had surpassed former President Robert Mugabe in dictatorship levels and should be ousted.

“This is a banana republic, so you can also see the banana conduct of Mr Mnangagwa.

“We never thought he could be worse than Mugabe, but he has proved Mugabe to be a toddler.

“He has proved that in terms of dictatorship, Mugabe is banana in pyjamas a cartoon level.

“He has really taken dictatorship to another level.

“And we will have to show Mr Mnangagwa the way that dictators are supposed to be shown, they have to exit the people’s spaces,” Chamisa said.

He said dispite the victimisation, Mpofu was in good spirits and determined to continue with his work.

“The lawyer is in good spirits, he knows that in a dictatorship, when you are a lawyer, you are misconstrued to be an opponent of the state yet he is only doing his professional duty to represent those who are supposed to be represented,” said Chamisa.

The opposition leader, who is at the centre of a power struggle to control the heart and soul of the opposition said it was time for SADC, the African Union and international community to intervene in the internal politics of Harare.

“We have to bring to the attention, not only  to SADC, but the international community, and off course Zimbabweans because none but ourselves at the end of the day and we must say enough is enough.

“We can’t continue like this, people are suffering. We had Murambatsvina two, all the problems we are seeing, this perpetual lockdown.

“No clarity in terms of when the lockdown is going to end.

“People have no livelihoods, people are actually locked up in their houses.

“Their houses have become dens of poverty and prisons where they cannot persue livihoods so we have to make sure that we bring this to a stop,” he said.

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  1. Chamisa is so much under stress that all he sees is the man who beat him in the elections . He has not recovered from the thrashing . He sees ED being in charge of his MDC-A . When ever Chamisa opens his mouth , all that comes out is ED and Zanu PF .

    1. Point of correction, Mnangagwa did not win, he was appointed by his friend Malaba. I knw you are nt as ignorant as you are purporting to be. You knw the truth. Even upto nw, no one knws what was in the server, people who voted were more than those who registered e.t.c. N-way i knw you knw the truth

      1. How do you know that Mnangagwa did not win the elections, do you have sufficient evidence to prove that?

      2. We keep on dreaming. Chamisa was asked to provide evidence and he failed to do so. Let us not behave link children playing mahumbwe. People especially supporters are failing Chamisa because when he errs, people do not tell him. MDC supporters are fooling Chamisa big time and it seems Chamisa is not seeing it, the same he let Biti and Welshman hoodwink him so that they could have political relevance.

      3. cde Gabarinocheka

        Usanyepere vanhu what you are saying doesn’t have any basis, it’s an allegation you failed to prove.


      You talk like you are possesed by zanu pf demon.

    3. because ed and zanu pf are the problem in zim saka what else should he talk about

      1. cde Gabarinocheka

        you are lying to yourself if don’t see that MDC is problem too. Chamisa said we have consulted and agreed to come up with a decision to boycot parliament, then after a month he also said, we have consulted to and agreed to come back to parliament. Uchafira muPropaganda

    4. Hayibo, hayiwayo.Go ahead and encourage yourself. You know who is having sleepless nights and is haunted of what happened to his predecessor, who was in a stronger position than he is. The Sudan Al-Bashir scenario is slowly shaping up. The Police and the soldiers are now also feeling the pinch. By the way Mugabe had his Hayibos, even to the day he surrendered power.

  2. Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

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  4. Hey, wake up lock-down measures are not peculiar to Zimbabwe, they are a global prescription to a global pandemic. Dont politicize everything, the time for politics shall surely come for now lets join hands to curb the spread of covid 19 and grow our economy. Whats the obsession, when the time comes you shall again lose resoundingly and continue spewing nonsense. Leadership is for the level headed, not loss canons who always bark!!

  5. Which leadership is level headed. Zimbabwe does not have leadership. It has got dictators who have no clue on how to run an economy. Remember we have got the same if not worst ZANU PF government since independence (1980). This country has going down in every aspect since then and it is continuing to sink. I begin to think Hondo was just done for nothing and people died for nothing. Moreover, i think we could be better of without going in the forest. People cannot die and be crippled for THIS.Its a shame on ZANU PF and i think ZANU PF is worse than Smith regime. Both are (were) bad but ZANU PF takes the trough.

    1. Couldnt agree with you more MJ…in 1980 Zimbabwe was an upper middle income state – of course benefiting from the previous regime…the so-called second republic has that targeted for 2030 but forgot to explain what happened between 1980 and then.

  6. Albert Mutaranganyi

    Mr Chamisa is such a disappoint, you are only critical but never offer any solutions. Please get out of our space you are no better than those that you want to remove from power. The MDC was relevant during the Tsvangirai era, actually it died with him.You just want power and to grab headlines. You are no leader just a pretender.

  7. If ED really did beat Chamisa and the Constitutional Court judgement legitimate, why haven’t they published the judgement for scrutiny by law experts all over the world? Judgements are normally out in 3 weeks but for that judgement, we still wait. Chamisa is relevant because he is the only true opposition to our oppressor ZANU PF, not those POLAD bootlickers

  8. I very like this blog. Everything is cleared.

  9. Best view you can finde , in this side of world!

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