Footballer Ndoro confirms relationship with Dubai based business woman,Edith Chibhamu

For a while rumours on social media have been epic in scale, but Father’s day came with breaking of the ice to an unfolding love story that had kept the fans guessing and assuming what was really happening behind the scenes.

Taking it to their social media sites, footballer Tendai Ndoro and Dubai based business woman, Edith Chibhamu couldn’t hide their affection with juicy love letters being sprouted all over the walls of the so-called ‘pictorial media streets’ Instagram.

In honouring father’s day, Edith took it to her Instagram @theroyalqueendee and posted Ndoro with his daughter, with a caption that read: “Happy father’s day. I pray you have a wonderful day today”.

The post in itself didn’t raise much alarm, until it reached the comment section where the real fire started blazing, when Ndoro responded: “Thank you Mai Dhewa”.

As the thread ran, social commentary took over with some seeking clarity on the relationship, and to drop all pretence of critical objectivity, the couple stood their solid ground and exchanged their “love vows” publicly.

Inside family sources have revealed to this publication that negotiations for traditional marriage ceremony are already underway. The insider hinted that the current lockdown was however, delaying the process.

The need for settling down probably is the main reason why Tendai Ndoro has resigned from the football pitch.

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